Should I Adopt A Cat?

December 21, 2018

Cats are one of the best pets to have. They are adorable and fun, furry little creatures, so cute and furry that you really want to cuddle them all the time. If you are on the fence about getting a cat, there are thousands and one reason why you should consider a cat. However, before you start going out and buy a cat off a cat breeder or pet shop, why not consider adopting a cat instead. “Should I adopt a cat?” should be on your mind if you are thinking of getting a cat as a pet.

Adopting a cat should be your first option should you be thinking of getting a cat. Whether you are adopting a cat from an animal shelter or rescue center or simply adopting a stray or feral cat off the streets, there are many reasons you should you do so. In this article, we discuss the various reasons why you should always think of adopting a cat first before considering of buying one.

Saving A Life
Adopting a cat via an animal shelter or rescue center is akin to saving its life. Are you aware millions of cats worldwide are being euthanized each year because they do not have owners to adopt them? Due to lack of manpower and resources, they have no choice but to resort to euthanization.

By adopting a stray or feral cat off the streets, you are also saving its life. Most strays or feral cats have shorter lifespans compared to domesticated cats. This is due to a variety of reasons such as better attention and care provided. Stray and wild cats tend to run into a host of problems which can greatly reduce their lifespan.

Show Support
As mentioned, animals shelters and rescue centers everywhere are facing shortage of manpower and resources to house and feed the millions of cats they save each year. By adopting a cat from one of these places, you are taking some pressure off them. It is a show of support as well by adopting cats from these places rather than buying them off cat breeders and pet shops which got their cats and kittens from kitten mills.

Reduce cat overpopulation
Cats from animal shelters and rescue centers are normally spayed and neutered to prevent these cats from breeding unnecessary. This will greatly help to reduce accidental birthing of more cats in these already burdened animal shelters and rescue centers. Adopting a cat from one of these places will help these animal shelters and rescue shelters continue their mission to save cats and kittens.

In most states, if you have a pet cat, you need to have it spayed or neutered by at the age of six months old. If you adopt a cat off the streets, you will be bounded by law to have it spayed or neutered. By doing so, there is one less cat to add to the growing cat overpopulation issue.

Getting a bargain
Not many people, especially new cat owners are aware that they can actually adopt purebreds and pedigreed cats from animal shelters and rescue centers. As a matter of fact, purebreds and pedigreed cats are not spared from being abandoned. Instead of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on purebreds and pedigreed cats, why not adopt one from an animal shelter or rescue shelter instead. You will be saving quite a bit by doing so.

Stop kitten mills
Kitten mills are the biggest suppliers of kittens and cats to pet shops. These kitten mills are like some sort of factories which mass breeds kittens and cats. It is purely profit above anything else including the welfare of these cats and kittens. Kittens and cats in these kitten mills are housed in horrible conditions without proper medical care. These kitten mills will continue to operate until unaware pet owners stop supporting them. By choosing adoption over buying, it will help to take down these mills.

Reduce Stress
Research has shown having a cat as a pet will have a therapeutic effect on people with mental or health issues. You will benefit emotionally, physically as well as psychologically by having a cat as a pet. If you want to reduce stress, you should start making plans to adopt a cat immediately.

All these reasons make for very compelling reasons to adopt a cat for free instead of buying one. If you are on the fence on” Should I Adopt A Cat?”, all these reasons will hopefully convince you to choose the route of adoption instead.

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