January 4, 2019

Where To Adopt A Cat

Now, that you are ready to own a cat, so where should you get one. This is a question many first time cat owners will ask. Instead of buying a cat, why not go for adoption instead. If you have never considered adopting a cat before, it is time for you to start doing so. By going for cat adoption, you can help to save the lives of many cats and kittens. Many cats in animal shelters, humane societies and rescue organizations are waiting for owners like you to bring them home.

So where can you adopt a cat? There are many places which you can go to adopt cats, there are even places where you can find declawed cats for adoption, saving you the trouble of having to send your new pet for declawing. Each place will have its own pros and cons and you should take that into consideration when choosing a cat to bring home.

Animal Shelters, Humane Societies And Rescue Organizations
There is lots of confusion among people regarding these three different places. Many people do not know the differences between these places while some even think they are all the same, just named differently. There is certainly a lack of education among people to let them differentiate. While each type of places serves its own purposes in the grand scheme of helping animals, you should know the differences as a pet owner.

Animal Shelter
An animal shelter is also sometimes known as a pound. It is normally funded by the public, although there are animal shelters that are privately funded. If it is run on public or tax funds, the shelter will be answerable to the county, town or city that it is located. The main responsibility of an animal shelter is animal control and so it will not take in surrended cats.

Cats that are abandoned or loose on the streets are picked up by staff and placed in the shelters. Officers from these shelters can issue fines to offenders and enforce them depending on the laws of each place. Cats that are deemed adoptable are offered to the public.

The holding time for cats in these places are usually very short. Most of the time, cats will be euthanize if they are not adopted within a certain period of time. As the shelters have limited resources, to keep the population of animals under control, they have to resort to euthanizing.

This method is very controversial and many animal activists are against the use of euthanizing as a means to control animal population. In recent years, animal shelters are going away from using euthanizing and towards other more humane methods.

For shelters that are privately funded, most of them are no-kill shelters. These shelters can be breed specific and linked to cat interest clubs. These privately funded shelters can be a good source for cat adopters and cats if they are clean, organize and well run.

Humane Society
Most humane societies are privately funded or run by volunteers who depend on donations for survival. Some are funded by the public. That is why there is a big disparity in funding, resources and sizes among humane societies. These societies take in abandoned and rescued cats as well as cats surrendered by their owners.

The larger societies offer a wider range of services such as ambulance transportation, rescue services, spay and neuter services, training, veterinary hospitals and welfare campaigns and education. Some societies will offer wildlife services as well.

While humane societies tend to hold on to cats until they are adopted or fostered out, there are some societies that will euthanize cats if they are not foster out after a period time.

Rescue Organization
Rescue organizations can come in all shapes and sizes. Most are small scale operations that are usually run by an individual or a group of people in an individual’s home. A rescue organization will take in rescued cats and foster them until the cats are adopted. Occasionally, they will take in cats from shelters and societies that have no place for the cats. Some organizations are breed specific and that means only certain type of breeds will be accepted. Rescue organizations are usually constraint by limited resources and funds which come mainly from donations or private funding.

The larger rescue organizations are more into campaigning and educating the public on humane treatment and welfare for animals. PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) is one such organization. Some rescue organizations have links or will work with animal shelters and humane societies to house rescued animals.

Free Cat For Adoption

A mature cat may be a better choice for adoption than a kitten.

Family And Friends
This is pretty much easy to understand. Some of your friends or relatives may be cat owners and you can probably get to adopt a cat from them if they just have a new litter or two. Other times, you may have someone who is giving up on his pet. By letting your network of family and friends knows you want one, you may just be able to adopt one at the correct time. That is, provided you are not in a hurry.

There are many places online that you can look for a cat to adopt. This is easier than going down to your local animal shelter, humane society or rescue organization unless you happen to live close to one. Otherwise, a quick search online will save you a lot of hassles and time.

Adoption Websites
Most adoption websites are linked to shelters, societies and rescue organizations. These websites are good sources to check out what is available before physically going down to check. This is especially so if you are looking for a specific cat breed.

Classified Sites
It is increasingly common for people to put up their pets for adoption online. Classifieds sites are a good source to look for such ads. However, do take note that a lot of these ads may be scams by breeders to make you pay for their cats.

Social Media
The younger generation is very into social media using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to network and share information. This is very similar to reaching out to your personal network to let people know you want to adopt a cat. In fact, you may be surprised by the response if you shared you want to adopt a cat.

A lot of shelters, societies and organizations are also going on social media to advertise their causes as well as let people know what cats are available for adoption. If you use social media a lot, you can check out their accounts to see what cats are available for adoption.

These places are all good places to adopt a kitten or cat. If possible, adopt a cat rather than buying one. This really helps to save some lives. I hope the information will give you a good idea on where to start searching for a cat to adopt.

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