Best Cat Food 2020

A good diet is vital in providing enough nutrition for cats to stay healthy and strong, as well as avoid getting sick. However, it is easier said than done. The main reason being there are simply too many commercial choices available, which make it very confusing and difficult for cat owners to choose the right […]

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Cat Litter

Finding the right kind of cat litter for your cat is not an easy thing. There are many issues such as budget, dust, odors, tracking and when you think you finally find the most suitable one for your kitty, your pet just refuse to use it. And thus, you have to start the search all […]

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How To Bathe A Cat

Cats are known to be very conscientious when it comes to grooming. They don’t usually require a bath. However, there will be times when you need to put yourself on the line to give your cat a bath. This may be due to a medical condition, or when your cat gets really dirty and can’t […]

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Cat Toys

Getting a toy for your kitty is one of the best things you can do for your pet. A cat toy can provide a lot of fun and entertainment for your cat, especially if your cat is always home alone. You won’t want your cat to use your furniture for such purposes. Also, certain toys […]

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How Much Is A Savannah Cat

Interested in knowing how much is a Savannah cat? The following information will give you a better idea on how much you will need to pay for a Savannah cat or kitten. Before we go into the prices, let’s have a brief overview of the Savannah cat breed. What Is A Savannah Cat? The Savannah […]

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Cat Carrier

A cat carrier is a portable bag, box, cage or crate used to transport a cat from place to place. It is a good cat accessory to invest in, especially if you have a cat which becomes skittish when traveling. Having a good carrier will allows you to transport your cat to the vet or […]

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Cat Collars

A cat collar is a cat accessory for cat owners to put around the necks of their pets for control, identification and safety purposes. Typically, the identification and medical information about a pet can be found on its collar. The collar can also be used to control the pet as and when necessary. Some cat […]

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Cat Hammock

A cat hammock is a sling used by cats to rest, sleep or sit around. It is usually made of fabric, rope or netting, which can then be set up to be suspended between two or more points, and even at elevated heights. Sometimes, a cat hammock will come attached to a cat bed, cat […]

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Why Do Cats Throw Up?

Cats throwing up more common than you think. Though throwing up is a very common occurrence in cats, it does not mean it is normal. There is no cause for alarm if the vomiting is a one off event. However, if your cat throws up every day, and stop eating or show signs of distress […]

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