Grooming And Caring For Your Cat

No cat wants to be dirty, and it’s up to you to ensure that your cat stays clean.  Grooming is very important, as it helps your cat remain clean and healthy.  Grooming starts with brushing, as brushing helps to keep the cats hair from becoming hairballs.  Brushing will remove loose hair, and help prevent the […]

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A Look At Different Cat Breeds

Cats have not evolved much during the last thousands of years. As a matter of fact, new cat breeds are mostly hybrids, which are made by man, rather than through some form of evolution. Cats are initially domesticated by mankind to help eliminate rodents which are found near human settlements. Nowadays, cats have mostly been […]

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Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cat has been the singular breed that was the result of a successful interbreeding between a wild cat and a domestic cat. Every detail in the chain of events is significant to the development of this beautiful leopard-like breed. Its genesis started with Dr. Willard Centerwall of Loyola University who had been crossing […]

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Things To Know Before Starting Cat Training

Before training your cat, there are a number of things to know before starting cat training. If you are not aware, cats are notoriously difficult to train as they are simply not interested in pleasing their owners as well as being  too laid back to take kindly to being trained. As such, you have to […]

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Choosing The Right Cat Breed That Works For You

If dog is man's best friend, then cats are a man's caprice. Aside from being expensive, purebred cats are difficult to care for as they require their owner's love and attention. Cats are like babies, because they need to be fed, sometimes bathed, combed, played with and cared for. That is why choosing the right […]

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Taking Care Of Cats

Many individuals adore cats and would want one for themselves – or already have one – but do they really know how to take care of felines? Taking care of cats is not a difficult thing if you know how. Read this article to find out more. Getting A Cat Before we get into the […]

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The Amazing Cat Species

Did you know that most cats don’t have eyelashes? Or that cats possess the required skill set needed for them to be able to learn how to use the toilet? Chances are that you didn’t. The amazing cat species has been around for years and years – archaeologists have found jawbones dating some 8,000 years […]

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Caring For Your Diabetic Cat

Diabetes mellitus is a condition found in felines that is caused by a deficiency or an absence of the hormone insulin. A lack of insulin results in the rise of blood glucose levels, and the body will be unable to efficiently utilize glucose as an energy source, instead relying on other sources such as the […]

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Can Feral Cats Be Tamed?

Feral cats are considered homeless/wild cats. Many have been born and brought up in the wild, whereas others were pets that have either been abandoned by their owners or gotten lost. So can feral cats be tamed? Yes, however, feral kittens are much easier to tame than fully-grown felines, but for the sake of their […]

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