Cat Training Basics

Training a cat is very different from training a dog. While cats can be trained, they react to commands differently. Dogs respond to commands in order to please their owners while cats do it for a very different reason. They choose to do it because they like it. It is as simple as that. Cats […]

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What To Look For In A Qualified Holistic Practitioner For Your Cat?

Is your cat suffering from any sickness that conventional treatments cannot cure? The growth of alternative treatments for humans has led to holistic treatments making big inroads into veterinary treatments. It is no longer uncommon for pet owners to approach holistic practitioners or alternative medicine doctors for help in treating their sick pets after conventional […]

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How to Prevent Hairballs

The problem of hairballs is not only widespread, but it caused many cat owners many unpleasant moments. It is important to learn how to prevent hairballs in order to make your pet happier and healthier. To prevent hairballs in your cat, there are things you can work on to stop or reduce the amount of […]

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Tips On Selecting A Healthy Cat Or Kitten

Before bringing home a cat or kitten, you need to look out for certain things to ensure you have a healthy pet. The health of a pet is a very important criterion when deciding which cat or kitten to take home. When you choose a healthy cat, it will save you a lot of effort, […]

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Breeding Purebred Cats

Being a breeder is not an easy thing. While there is definitely money to be made if you know how to breed high quality purebreds, it is just something not for everyone. It is not as easy as it is made out to be by advocates. Money should not be your main motivating factor for […]

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Coping With Cat Allergies

Getting a cat as a pet is no small matter. While it is very tempting to just go ahead to get a cat, there are many issues at stakes that you should consider carefully first. At the very top of the list should be making sure none of your family members, including you are allergic […]

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Hello! Welcome to

Welcome to This site is to provide cat owners and cat lovers with relevant information and latest news going round in the dizzy world of being a cat owner. We hope to bring together all cat owners and cat lovers into a tiny site to provide an avenue for everyone to bask in the […]

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