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Cats On The Job

The Book "Cats On The Job" By Lisa Rogak

There’s a lot to consider when thinking about taking on a cat as a pet. After all, you’re inducting a new family member, and it’s important to make sure that you have all the resources you need to properly care for your new addition to your home. However, as much as cats are a big responsibility, they can also contribute a lot, as well. As the book Cats on the Job shows, felines not only provide a cuddly presence in the household but can be effective collaborators at work too.

A beautiful and heartwarming collection, Cats on the Job celebrates working cats from around the world. In recent years, dogs have received attention for performing tasks such as sniffing out cancer and serving in our military. In Lisa Rogak’s Cats on the Job, we meet feline whiskered workers who keep their human colleagues company from 9 to 5-with the occasional break for a nap or a belly rub-and make every day at the office better.

Filled with irresistible full-color photographs and heartening stories, each of the cats profiled in the book will serve as an inspiration to cat lovers young and old. Some cats you’ll recognize, like a certain grumpy face, as well as some other cats that have been in the news like The Amazing Acro-Cats, a group of circus-performing cats, that recently went viral when they posted a Craigslist job ad looking for someone to help them on tour. There are also some cats that are more local celebrities, keeping bookstores, bodegas, and even music recording studios friendly and well-cared for.

Some of the most touching stories from this collection include Sable the Crossing Guard Cat, who would show up twice a day to help greet students at the middle school crosswalk and usher community members across the street. There’s also the orange tabby cat named Tom, who comforted hospice veterans at a VA hospital in Salem, Virginia by visiting with patients and boosting staff morale. Similarly, Flash the Therapy Cat is a certified therapy pet who visits nursing homes and appears at community events throughout the year with his handler, socializing with people and keeping them company.

As a result of these cats’ efforts, communities have come together because of these cats and businesses have thrived. Tama, a Train Stationmaster Cat in Japan, was able to bring in tens of thousands of tourists to her home in Kinokawa, once word spread of her position at the train station. She became so popular that the rail line, which was losing millions of dollars a year, was saved by the amount of money her presence generated.

Cats on the Job tells the stories of these fascinating cats and many more who have provided for their handlers and greater communities, proving that cats not only provide us with joy and their affection, but that they can also be hard workers to spreading their talents to others.  Cats on the Job is available here and wherever books are sold.

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Last updated December 27, 2018

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