March 31, 2019

Best Cat Breeds

As a long time cat owner, it is very hard to pinpoint the best cat breeds to have. Every one of us will have a favorite cat breed or two in mind. Altogether, there are more than seventy cat breeds recognized by the major cat associations. There are probably another ten to twenty cat breeds still in their infancy or in the midst of being recognized.

It is really very hard to choose the best cat breeds to have as everyone has their own individual preferences and dislikes. Rather, we list below some of the most popular cat breeds (according to Cat Fanciers’ Association for the year 2015) or best cat breeds to have for all cat owners.

Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair Cat BreedTop on the list is the Exotic Shorthair cat which is developed by crossing the Persian cat with an American Shorthair cat. It is very similar to Persian cat in many ways. It has overtaken the Persian cat in terms of popularity in recent years, most likely due to its shorter coat. The Exotic  Shorthair cat is a calm, gentle and lively cat, suitable for most types of households. It needs more affection and attention than other cat breeds as it does not like to be left alone.


The Persian Cat BreedThe Persian cat is a long-haired cat that is thought to have originated from Persia, though recent genetic studies indicated otherwise. It is losing popularity in many countries, though it is still a very popular cat breed in America. The Persian cat is characterized by its long and thick coat, short legs and short muzzle. It is an affectionate, friendly but quiet cat, well suited to living in apartments. Those looking for a non fussy cat can check out this cat breed.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon Cat BreedAffectionate, intelligent and loyal, these are the traits that make the Maine Coon cat so desirable to cat lovers. Due to its gentle and sociable nature, this gentle giant is suitable for households with children or dogs. The Maine Coon cat is a long-haired cat that has a dense coat of hair that allows them to survive in harsh winter conditions. This cat breed is a very skillful hunter and considered one of the oldest natural cat breeds in North America.


The Ragdoll Cat BreedThe Ragdoll cat is an affectionate, gentle and intelligent cat that considers one of the best cats to have as a lap cat. It is often described as a cat having a dog like traits, most likely due to their affectionate and gentle nature and its tendency to follow people around. The Ragdoll cat gets its name due to going limp and relaxed when picked up.  Due to its gentle nature, this cat breed is suitable for households with other pets.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair Cat BreedThe British Shorthair cat has a broad face, a thickset body and dense but short coat. This cat breed is the most popular in its native country due to its looks and temperament. It is an easy going, loyal and sweet natured cat. Due to its easy going and sweet nature, this cat can mix around with other children and pets. Minimum grooming is required, which them ideal for cat lovers with busy schedules. However, this cat is prone to obesity and so care must be taken to ensure its diet is well balanced.

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair Cat BreedA local domesticated cat breed that is believed to descend from cats brought to North America by early European settlers. The American Shorthair cat has a body that is powerfully built. However, it is not a very athletic cat as compared to other cat breeds. This cat breed is affectionate, easy going and intelligent. It is also very sociable, even with strangers. The American Shorthair cat is suitable households with kids as they can get along very well with small children.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold Cat BreedOriginating from Scotland, the Scottish Fold cat is a domestic cat that has ears that fold forward and down in a manner that resembles an owl. This folded ears “look” is due to a dominant gene mutation. The Scottish Fold cat is an affectionate,  good nature, intelligent  and loving cat. It is no wonder this cat breed is gaining in popularity as a result of its unique look and lovely temperament. This cat breed is suitable for those who can afford the time to look after them as they dislike loneliness.


The Abyssinian Cat BreedThis short-haired cat breed is outgoing, playful and intelligent. This is suitable for those who can show them with lots of attention and love. However, this cat can be very timid and shy, which makes it difficult for it to socialize with other people. However, the Abyssinian cat is still a very popular cat breed due to its intelligence, playfulness and willful personalities.


The Sphynx Cat BreedThe Sphynx cat was developed via selective breeding in the 1960s. Though it is known as a hairless cat, it actually has fine hairs all over its body. Due to its lack of coat, it is not able to regulate its body temperature very well. It can lose heat very quickly and thus this cat is always on the lookout for heat to keep it warm. The sphynx cat is an active, affectionate and intelligent cat. Considered one of the more dog like cat breeds, they are suitable for most types of households.



The Oriental Cat BreedSimilar to the Siamese cat in terms of looks and temperament , the Oriental cat is a short-haired cat that comes in a variety of coat colors and partners. While this cat breed has a slender but muscular body, they can be very athletic and can leap very high. It is a playful, intelligent and sociable cat that despises loneliness. Thus, it is more suitable for those who can give it enough attention and care.

As you can see, these are some of the most popular best cat breeds or best cat breeds to have according to other cat owners for a variety of reasons. Though, I think one should not be too particular about getting a cat from a particular cat breed. At the end of the day, it is all about having that special connection. What do you think? Which cat breed or breeds are you particularly fond of?


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