Aegean Cat

February 19, 2020
Information Details
Origin Cycladic Islands of Greece
Type Purebred
Cost $250 upwards
Life Span 8 to 12 years
Size Medium
Weight 8 - 10 pounds
Temperament Free spirit, friendly, lively, playful, sociable
Known Issues No known issues

Aegean CatAbout 10,000 years ago, archaeologists have found evidences of the first ever domesticated cat living on the island of Cyprus. This cat is later known as the Aegean cat breed originated from the Cycladic Islands of Greece. Development of the Aegean cat started in the early 1990s before it became the national treasure of Greece; a treasure about which not many cat lovers know. It might be considered a rare breed, but one can find Aegean cats everywhere in Greece. Even though it is one of the oldest domesticated cats on earth, the breed was not officially declared the true breed until the early 1990s.

The Aegean is one of the few cat breeds in the world that developed over time without any human interventions. The breed thrives in and around the scenic fishing ports on the Greek Isles, making them unafraid of the water and developing their love to fish and the abilities to befriend the fishermen.

Physical appearance and attributes
The Aegean breed is a medium sized cat that weighs between 8 -10 pounds. It has a sturdy and muscular body of medium-long length with no signs of obesity. The legs are well-proportioned to its body and strong. They taper into rounded and compact paws. It has a medium-long tail that is straight without curves or kinks. It is thick at the base and tapers into a rounded tip.

The head is a modified wedge with slightly rounded points. It is wider than it is long. Viewed in profile, the muzzle is of a substantial length with a slightly receding chin. A slight stop at the nose appears between the eyes. Atop the head is a pair of medium sized ears that are wide at the base and moderately spaced. They taper into an oval tip and tufts of hair adorn the inner side of the ears. The eyes of the Aegean cat are of a beautiful almond shape and they come in varying shades of green. The outer corners of the eyes display a slant towards the outer edge of the ears.

This breed wears a medium-long coat with no down hairs. In fact, the coat adapts to the season; being semi-long during winter, which then sheds out short in summer. The coat of a pure Aegean cat is of either two or three distinct colors, and it always has a combination of white in it. All colors and patterns are accepted except for color-points, which is a sign of crossbreeding.

Personality and temperament
Having been developed in rural areas, the Aegean cat is certainly a capable predator as well as an astute observer. Its free-spirited nature has also given it the ability to adapt well to different situations. Being a lively and sociable breed has also made good relationships possible with humans and other friendly pets. This is also an obedient breed that is independent but also capable of showing much affection towards its favorite people. Not overly demanding in attention, it knows how to keep itself entertained in between quality time. However, it also seeks in a gentle way to be pampered and cared for by the owner. The Aegean cat is always willing and ready to play, making life with the Aegean cat always lively and entertaining.

Care and health issues
A healthy Aegean cat can have an expected lifespan of between 8 -12 years. This naturally occurring breed is a generally hearty cat that has no known genetic health issues. It is still advisable to obtain a written health guarantee from qualified breeders when purchasing the cat.

This breed requires little grooming as it does a good job in maintaining itself. A weekly brushing to remove dead hair will suffice to keep it healthy. Frequent teeth brushing wit vet-approved toothpaste is necessary to maintain good oral care. Do incorporate regular nail trimming and ear checks into grooming routine as well.

The ideal home
This is a breed that is suitable for all potential owners. The Aegean can get along well with children that know how to handle it with care as well as other family friendly pets. This is an independent cat that is not overly demanding, but would still require an adequate amount of care and attention. Rest assured that the Aegean cat is ready to return the love shown with double the portion.

There must also be enough space created for the Aegean cat to run about and play. Equipped the area with interactive and puzzle toys, cat trees and cat gym sets to help promote a hearty and active growth. Outdoor spaces need to be safe and escape-proof. Given such loving environment for a healthy growth, this treasure from Greece will prove to be an ideal companion for any homes.

Image Credit
Photo by Konstantinos Payavlas - CC BY-SA 2.0

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