Cyprus Cat

February 19, 2020

Cyprus CatIn 2004, an archaeologist has uncovered the fossils of humans together with cats in Cyprus. The fossils of the cats were carbon-dated to be 4000 years or more and it was thus determined that the oldest example of domesticated cats can be found in Cyprus. The cats were suggested to be descendants of Egyptian cats that were brought to Cyprus and were later developed in the mountainous regions. Due to the harsh environment of the mountainous regions, the cats have developed a strong and large body. The cats were later known as the Aphrodite and despite the natural development into a pure breed; they are still not recognized as a formal breed under any cat registries. Another type of unregistered purebred cat in Cyprus is called St Helena. This breed is smaller in size and has larger eyes.

Physical appearance and attributes
This is a medium to large sized cat that usually weighs 15 pounds or more. It possesses a body that is muscular and strong. Muscular strength is especially displayed at the hips and shoulders. The body is however not of a cobby type and disposes an elegant stance due in part to the long back and neck. It has equally strong legs with the hind legs appearing longer than the front legs, and they extend into firm rounded paws. Complementing the body is a medium to long tail that tapers gradually into a fairly rounded tip.

Cyprus Aphrodite has a triangular head with a straight cheek line. Atop the head is a pair of medium sized ears that are set upright. They are wide at the base and taper to a slightly rounded tip, making them appear to be an inverted open ‘v’. Eyes of Cyprus Aphrodite are almond/olive in shape and are set at an oblique angle. The eye colors should match the coat color. Viewed in profile, the muzzle and nose appear relatively long with a slight break between the eyes.

This cat wears a layer of soft woolly coat that is of medium length in winter. In summer, the coat will shed and there will be a minimal amount of undercoat. All colors and patterns are accepted with the exception of pointed and mink.

Personality and temperament
Cyprus Aphrodite is a cat with a calm temperament. Its adaptable nature makes it an ideal pet for homes with children and other friendly pets. It thrives under human contact and interaction and can be considered as highly demanding. It is able to spend hours on the laps of its favorite human. Giving the cat the attention it needed is not difficult considering its highly loving and affectionate nature. It has a keen sense of curiosity and couple with its astuteness, it is no surprise to see this cat exploring the house and getting its paws on drawers, door knobs, switches and buttons of gadgets.

Care and health issues
This is a hearty and healthy breed with an average lifespan of 15 years. There are no known genetic health issues. However, it is still important to obtain a written health guarantee from qualified breeders when purchasing the cat to ensure that it is not contracted with common feline diseases.

Grooming the Cyprus Aphrodite is fairly easy, a once to twice a week brushing will suffice to help remove dead hair and to maintain the coat’s health. Other basic grooming care should include frequent teeth brushing with vet approved toothpaste as well as nail trimming and ear cleaning whenever necessary

The ideal home
Cyprus Aphrodite can be suited for indoor living. Due to its moderate level of activeness and playfulness, it is necessary for an adventure zone to be created. Equip the play area with cat toys, cat trees and cat gym sets. An outdoor garden would be ideal for it to tap on its agility in running and exploring. A game of fetch would also be prefect within an outdoor space. The outdoor area must however be safe and escape-proof. Having a fairly high demand for attention, the Cyprus Aphrodite would require a family that would be ready to give it the attention and care it requires. Its adaptable and sociable nature also makes it an ideal breed for homes with children and other friendly pets.

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Photo by Glen Bowman - CC BY-SA 2.0

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