FoldEx Cat

February 19, 2020

FoldEx CatThe development of the FoldEx cat started in the early 1990s in the province of Quebec, Canada. One look at the breed will bring to mind images of the Scottish Fold and the Exotic Shorthair. The FoldEx is precisely the result of the crossing between these two breeds. Such selective crossing was stemmed from the goal of producing a cat that has a teddy-bear look. The breed’s first appearance was made in 1995 in a Quebec show hall. It immediately caught the attention several breeders to decide to work to develop and promote the breed. One of the breeders was Jeanne Barrette, who, with her efforts and perseverance, had brought the FoldEx to be accepted as an Experimental breed under the Canadian Cat Association (CCA) in November 1998.

Even though the process of development was slow as the FoldEx was considered a minority breed, but the breed cat got accepted as a new breed in August 2008. It then advanced to clinch the Championship status in March 2010. While there are FoldEx in the United States and Europe, the cat is currently being bred mainly in Canada as it is only recognized by the CCA.

Physical appearance and attributes
This is a medium sized cat that weighs between 5 – 8 pounds. It has a massive body type boasting of good bone structure. The body displays a rounded midsection with the shoulders and rump being of the same width. Balancing the body is a thick, medium length tail that tapers into a rounded tip. FoldEx tread steadily on short legs of good musculature and strength; and they taper into large rounded paws.

FoldEx has a rounded head and flattened face that are both similar to that of the Exotic Shorthair. The head rests on a short, thick neck. Atop the head is a pair of folded ears likened to those on the Scottish Fold. They are set far apart such that they fit into the rounded contour of the head. It has prominent whisker pads and a firm chin. The nose is short with an evident nose break between the eyes. It has an open and sweet expression contributed by its large rounded eyes. The entire head and face composition gives the FoldEs an owl-like appearance. FoldEx can have either a short or long coat that is dense and soft; and they come in all colors and patterns.

Personality and temperament
Like the disposition it gives, FoldEx is a sweet and cheerful breed. Its affectionate nature makes it very approachable. It charms with its intelligence and calm composure. While it may be quiet, FoldEx also has its active side. Coupled with its curiosity, the FoldEx can make a fun-loving and playful pet. Though it appreciates being close to its owner and seeks to be cuddled and patted, the FoldEx does retain a certain sense of independence and does not demand for attention. It is also an easy-going breed that can get along well with children and other family pets.

Care and health issues
The FoldEx has no known genetic health issue and the lifespan is undetermined. However, to ensure that the cat is healthy, one of the parents should have straight ears to avoid skeletal defects associated with the breed. Thus, it is important to obtain a written health guarantee from a qualified breeder when obtaining the breed. This will ensure that the cat is bred in a responsible way and that it is not contracted with other common feline diseases.

Efforts in grooming the FoldEx are dependable on the coat length. FoldEx with short coat requires just a weekly brushing to help distribute its skin oil. However, FoldEx with a long coat would require a twice weekly combing to remove accumulated dead hair and to prevent matt and tangles. To maintain an overall good health, brush the teeth frequently with vet-approved toothpaste. Check the folded ears for redness and odors that might indicate an infection and clean with a damp cloth if needed. The nails would also need to be trimmed whenever necessary, usually weekly.

The ideal home
This is a breed that is suitable for both indoor and apartment living. While outdoor spaces would be ideal for exploration and for more varieties of games, they must be safe and escape proof. To prevent boredom, create an adventure zone indoor and equip the space with cat toys, cat trees and cat gym sets. This will help encourage an active and hearty growth for the slightly laid back FoldEx. It has no issues getting along with children, who know how to handle it with care as well as well as with other friendly pets. With its affections and easy-going nature, the FoldEx is certainly a charming pet to have in most types of household.

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