Korn Ja Cat

February 19, 2020

Korn Ja CatThe Korn Ja cat breed originated in Thailand. It is one of the seventeen good luck cats mentioned in the “Smud Khoi Of Cats”. It is depicted in the book as an all black cat with yellow eyes. This cat breed’s personality and temperament have been the contributing factors to its high popularity among cat fanciers. Due to their popularity, it can set you back almost $300 to $1000 for a kitten from a breeder.

Physical appearance and attributes
The Korn Ja cat is a small sized hairless cat that has an average weight of between 6 – 11 pounds. It has a delicate built that is suited for indoor living. The breeding of this cat has led to it being glabrous. The mouth and tail are tapered in a very sharp manner resulting in a long tail that has contributed much to its gracefulness, balance and agility.

The Korn Ja cat is covered from head to tail with a fine, short black coat of hair. With eyes the color of budding yellow flowers, this cat breed is a truly beautiful cat to behold.

Personality and temperament
It is a highly adaptable cat that loves the company and attention of people. Being highly affectionate also means that it does not shy away from strangers and interactions. The Korn Ja loves to follow its owner around the home and has a special fondness towards children. It has been described as a loving cat that is able to tolerate the aggressiveness of children. Its love is also extended to dogs with which companionship can be sought. Being keenly sensitive, the Korn Ja is also known to be a great comforter for those with upset emotions.

This cat breed is also highly intelligent and this makes it easy for them to learn new tricks. They are also hyperactive and seemed to have an endless amount of energy. That is why they are so compatible with children.

Care and health issues
A healthy Korn Ja has been said to have a life expectancy of between 13 – 16 years. Some common health issues include vomiting fleas and diarrhea. It is important to obtain a written health guarantee from qualified breeders when purchasing the cat to ensure the good health of the cat.

As it does not have much fur to help absorb its skin oil, a regular bath will be necessary to help remove accumulated dirt on its body. Other basic grooming practices should include frequent brushing of teeth with vet-approved toothpaste as well as regular nail trimming and ear cleaning.

The ideal home
This cat breed affectionate, loving and intelligent nature makes them ideal for most types of households. If you have kids at home, this is the cat you must get due to its fondness towards children.

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