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Ojos Azules Cat

Ojos Azules Cat

The history of this beautiful breed started in 1984 in New Mexico, where it was identified in a feral colony as a tortoiseshell female named Cornflower. Cornflower was experimentally bred with unrelated male cats that did not possess any similar physical attributes to that of Cornflower. However, the litter of kittens produced from the mating exhibited the same blue eyes possessed by Cornflower. In fact, this is true not just for kittens that had the same coat color or pattern as Cornflower, but it is being displayed in kittens with non-complementing coat as well. Even though the eye color might not complement its coat color, it is the breed’s most distinct and captivating attributes. It carries a blue that is of the deepest shade of azules, which is unlike those in most of other cat breeds. This trait was later determined to be of a dominant gene. Cornflower has thus become the matriarch of the Ojos Azules breed. The breed was being registered under The International; Cat Association (TICA) in 1991. By 1992, there were only 10 known Ojos Azules and till date, it is still considered a rare breed with its numbers undetermined.

Physical appearance and attributes
The Ojos Azules is a medium sized breed that weighs between 9 – 12 pounds. It possesses a well-proportionate body that is neither too long nor too massive. Musculature is well-balanced. The legs are of a medium length with the hind legs appearing slightly longer than the forelegs. They are of medium boning and come with firm oval paws. Extending from the rump is a long tail that tapers into a point or rounded tip.

The head is carried on a supple and arched neck, and is described to be of an equilateral triangle. Viewed in profile, the forehead appears rounded with the line continuing down its nose. A slight break of the line at the eye level can be spotted. The angular muzzle comes with a chin that is neither receding nor prominent and is in alignment with the tip of the nose. Atop the head is a pair of widely-spaced ears that are broad at the base and taper into a point. The eyes, consider as its most beautiful feature, are large and slightly rounded. Eye color is of the highly coveted shade of the azules.

It wears a coat of short fine hair that is silky to the touch. All colors and patterns are accepted with white patches often being exhibited on the extremities such as the face, paws and tail. However, solid white coat is not being accepted. While the standard of this breed is still under development, the deep blue eye is a key attribute that must be displayed in the Ojos Azules. This attribute does not cause deafness in this breed as in the case of most other cat breeds that possess white coat with blue eyes.

Personality and temperament
Due to its rarity, the personality of the Ojos Azules is undetermined. However, with the handful that is under study and development, the temperament of this breed is presumed to be docile and well-balanced. It loves to be engaged with the humans in interactive play without being annoying. It is also thought to be active, sociable and affectionate. While it enjoys play, it does not have the propensity to hog cabinets and bookshelves or to climb onto high places around the house. This breed has been observed to prefer chilling out on the sofa or cosy places. It loves being cuddled and stroked, and is able to enjoy the company of little children and other cat-friendly pets.

Care and health issues
Efforts are still ongoing to determine whether or not the dominant gene of this breed is viable for conservation. There are no known health issues specific to this breed. However, it is important to ensure that the cat has undergone the necessary health checks and that it is not contracted with any common feline diseases.

Grooming the Ojos Azules is fairly easy. It requires minimal grooming and a weekly brushing would be enough to keep its coat and skin healthy. Do take care of its teeth by brushing it frequently with vet-approved toothpaste. Also trim its nails whenever necessary. For overall good health, check the ears and eyes periodically for infections and clean them with a damp cloth if needed.

The ideal home
The Ojos Azules is suitable for indoor living. It should have a comfortable and cat-safe environment with the family being ready to give it the necessary attention and care. Create an adventure zone and equip it with cat toys and cat gym sets to prevent boredom and to promote an active growth. Like most other cats, the Ojos Azules is capable of showering its owner and loved ones with much affection under responsible care and love.

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Photo by Cristóbal Alvarado MinicCC BY 2.0

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Last updated January 4, 2019

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