Oregon Rex Cat

February 19, 2020

Oregon Rex CatThe first Oregon Rex was claimed to have appeared back in 1944 among a litter of kittens in the United States of Oregon. This particular kitten has a coat that differed from the coats of its siblings; it is curly. Its development and the documentation of this breed did not begin until 1955. It is the period when the first Cornish Rex was imported to the U.S from Great Britain. The Cornish Rex was interbred and that begins the development of the Oregon Rex breed. Breeders from Oregon decided to establish a purebred Oregon Rex which led to this breed becoming one of American’s favorite breeds. Maintaining the purity of the breed has not been easy; all types of the Rex cats, each differs genetically from the other, were crossbred during the course of breeding the Oregon Rex. This limited the gene pool of purebred Oregon Rex and the last one has been reported to have died in 1972.

Physical appearance and attributes
The Oregon Rex is a medium sized breed that weighs between 10- 14 pounds. It possesses a slender body with long legs that extend into rounded paws. It has a well-proportionate thin tail that tapers to a point. The head is of a wedge shaped with large ears atop. The ears are wide at the base with rounded tips. It has large oval eyes that are set wide apart and they come in complementing colors to the coat. Facial contours are marked by its high cheekbones, prominent whisker pads and a firm chin. Oregon Rex wears a unique coat that is curly, short, tight and silky. They can be found in all colors and patterns.

Personality and temperament
The personality of the Oregon Rex is very similar other Rex breeds. It is known to be affectionate, highly playful and energetic; it loves to run around and enjoys interactive play. Oregon Rex opens up easily to new people and is capable of mingling well with children and other pets. It thrives under human companionship and interaction. While being good-natured it can be a little bit mischievous, arrogant and dominant, tending to insist on having things its way. It is not an easy cat to handle and its personality is something worth considering when purchasing the cat.

Care and health issues
A healthy Oregon Rex has a general lifespan of between 12 – 15 years. There are no known health issues that are specific to this breed. An annual health check and vaccination would be desirable to maintain its overall good health. It is also important to obtain a written health guarantee to ensure its vitality when purchasing the cat.

Oregon Rex requires minimal grooming and a weekly brush out would suffice to keep its coat healthy. Care should also be extended to brushing its teeth frequently with vat approved toothpaste as well as weekly ear cleaning and nail trimming. Being an active breed also means that it has a higher chance of accumulating more dirt from the environment. Thus the grooming practices are considered all the more necessary.

The ideal home
This breed can be suited both for outdoor and indoor living. Outdoor spaces need to be safe and escape proof while indoor living should be cat-friendly. Ensure that an adventure zone is created and equipped with the necessary toys, cat toys and cat gym sets. This would help prevent boredom and also help provide and avenue where it can expend its energy in non-destructive ways. It can be suited for most types of household, but it should be noted that the Oregon Rex does not tolerate solitude. Allow for other cat-friendly dogs as companion if necessary. The family should also be ready and willing to meet its demand for attention and interaction. However, under proper care, patience and love, the Oregon Rex would be an excellent companion, showering its owner with affections and loyalty.

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Photo by Marti - CC BY 2.0

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