Sam Sawet Cat

February 19, 2020

Sam Sawet CatThe Sam Sawet originated from Thailand and is of a natural breed. It has not received any recognition from any major cat registries and neither is there much information about the development of this breed. However, this breed has gained considerable popularity among cat fanciers around the world.

Physical characteristic and attributes
Sam Sawet is a medium sized cat that weighs between 9 – 13 pounds. It has a well-shaped and well-proportionate body that is of a good musculature. The legs are of a medium size and length, and they taper slightly into oval paws with defined toes. It has a tail that is thick at the base and that tapers into a rounded tip.

The head and face are of a distinct wedge shape with rounded points. It has a relatively high cheekbones and a narrow muzzle without any whisker pinch. This composition makes the cat appear to have a narrow muzzle and a small mouth. Viewed in profile, the prominence of the nose bone reflects a Roman nose type. However, a slight nose break is present at or below the eye level. The firm chin should also be in a vertical alignment with the tip of the nose. Sam Sawet has oval eyes with the outer corners slanting towards the ears. Compared to other cats, the eyes of the Sam Sawet are not its most prominent feature. Atop the ears is a pair of medium sized ears that are widely spaced and that taper into pointed tips. Ear tufts can be spotted along the inner side of the ears.

This breed wears a short layer of coat that is soft to the touch. Due to the coat ticking/tipping effect, it reflects a glowing sheen. The coat can come in brown, tan or black. There might also be other coat colors that are yet to be discovered.

Personality and temperaments
This is a worry-free, pleasant and personal breed. While it is agile and playful, it is not reported to be destructive or to require a lot of stimulation. It can appear to be shy before strangers; however, once it has warmed up to the family, the Sam Sawet is a loving and affectionate breed.

It is not a lap cat, but would appreciate the attention derived from it. This does not mean that it is a demanding cat. It retains certain aspects of its independence and can keep itself entertained in between quality times with the family. This is an intelligent cat and is capable of learning tricks and manipulating cat toy puzzles. The Sam Sawet is also a sociable breed, but getting along with children and other family pets would still require proper introduction.

Care and health issues
As there are no documentation of the breed’s development and health; and as it is of a natural breed, the Sam Sawet can be considered to be a healthy breed. Under proper care and diet, it can live up to an average of 15 years. It is advisable to have a yearly health check carried out for the cat to maintain an overall good health.

The short hair of Sam Sawet requires minimal grooming. A weekly brushing to remove dead hair and to distribute the skin oil will suffice to keep the healthy shine of the coat. Regular teeth brushing with vet-approved toothpaste as well as nail trimming and ear cleaning should be incorporated into your basic care routine.

The ideal home
Sam Sawet can survive both the outdoor and indoor living. However, as a pet, do ensure that outdoor gardens are cat-friendly, safe and escape-proof. To encourage a hearty growth, provide it with cat toys and cat gym sets. While Sam Sawet does not demand for attention, like all other pets, it does not tolerate solitude. Do ensure that the family is willing to take the responsibility to shower it with care and attention. The Sam Sawet is an excellent companion for most types of family. Its good-natured and pleasant temperament makes it an easy-going cat that can get along well with all members of the family. It is also capable of giving complete loyalty and devotion once the family has gained its trust.

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