Serrade Petit Cat

February 19, 2020

Serrade Petit CatThe Serrade Petit cat is a natural breed that originated in France. It can be considered a fairly new discovery with undetermined breed standards. This breed has not been accepted nor recognized by any major cat registries.

Physical characteristic and attributes
From the name of this cat, it can be known that the Serrade Petit is a small sized breed that weighs between 6 – 9 pounds. For many cat fanciers, the size is usually the deciding factor whether to buy the cat. It has a long teeny body that does not sacrifice on good musculature. The medium length legs are complemented by small, compact paws. Balancing the body is a well proportionate tail that taper into a rounded tip.

The head is a modified wedge with rounded contours. The high cheekbones and whisker pads give the face a slightly angular form. Atop the head is a pair of large and tall ears with fairly rounded tips; ear tufts lined the inner side of the ears. Eyes of the Serrade Petit are medium in size and oval in shape. The outer corners slant towards the ears while the inner corners slant towards the center of the nose. Viewed in profile, the muzzle appears to be slightly box like with a firm level chin that forms a vertical alignment with the tip of the nose. The top of the head is flat, slanting down to the forehead and stopping at the brow ridge. A slight concave angle is then formed along the nose from the brow ridge.

The Serrade Petit wears a coat of short hair that stands away from the body. Even though it appears a little coarse, the hair texture is actually soft. They can come in bi-color, orange, tan, tri-color and striped.

Personality and temperaments
This is a well-composed cat that is a little laid back. It has a slightly lower energy level that is usually spent after a good round of play time. There are also times when it prefers to cuddle up in your lap or to just observe its surroundings. The Serrade Petit may require some time to warm up to new environments. Once it is comfortable with the surroundings, this cat would also be comfortable to show its affections and lovingness. Being a playful cat, the Serrade Petit does enjoy the play and the company of children. However, owners would need to introduce other family pets properly and assess if the cat can get along well with other pets in the home.

Care and health issues
The Serrade Petit is a healthy breed that can live up to between 12 – 16 years. There are no known health issues specific to the breed and this is probably due to it being a natural breed. To ensure that the cat is healthy, it would be wise to obtain a cat from qualified breeder who has helped to conduct the necessary health checks.

This breed is a self-cleaning cat that requires very minimal grooming. However, if an owner wants to maintain the coat, a weekly brush out will help to remove dead hair and keep the coat in a good sheen. For overall good health, do perform frequent teeth brushing with vet-approved toothpaste as well as weekly nail trimming and ear cleaning.

The ideal home
The Serrade Petit cat is suitable for indoor living. It should not be left in solitude and indoor spaces need to be cat-friendly with enough room for the cat to run and play. Provide it with interactive cat toys, cat gym sets and scratching poles to prevent boredom. This is an undemanding cat that will show its affections and loyalty unreservedly to a family who will shower it with care, love and attention.

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Photo by Fontaine 2 - CC BY-SA 3.0

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