January 4, 2019

The Most Popular Cat Breeds

Throughout the years cats have handled their breeding patterns on their own. Initially cats were used for hunting purposes nut with time people have begun breeding cats more to their liking. The most popular cat breeds can be identified with a closer look. There are almost 70 distinct cat breeds as recognized through cat registries. Some are domestic while other have variations such as the wild cats. The most popular cat breeds include

Abyssinian Cat
This cat tends to have a lot of energy and is very active and playful. If you are looking for a friend that is entertaining then this cat is most suitable. It is very attractive with beautiful green and gold eyes with an almond shape and a ticked pattern. The breed is available in three colors namely orange and brown, red with chocolate brown spots and blue. These cats are graceful with silky soft coats with medium length hair.

Burmese Cat
This cat is more affectionate and you can be assured that is not going to freak and claw you. It is medium sized cat with a muscular body. They happen to be lovely with a small silky coat. Through breeding over a long period three diverse breeds of Burmese which include contemporary, traditional and European. The contemporary has more of the stocky body with a round head and pronounced round and spaced eyes. They come in colous such as champagne, blue and platinum. The traditional has similar characteristics to those of the original breed. Unlike the contemporary the traditional breed has a more rounded head with similar colous to those of the contemporary. The European as the name suggest is more elegant looking cat with a slim body type. It has slant eyes and they come in colous such as blue, lilac, brown, chocolate among others. They are loving cats and will follow the owner wherever he goes.

Egyptian Mau
If you are looking for a spotted cat then the Egyptian Mau is the way to go. They happen to be the only natural breed that spots. The happen to be graceful, and muscular as well. This breed of cat happens to be the fastest breed of domestic cat that there is. Their heads are almost rounded in shape and their eyes look alert. They can be medium or large sized and their eyes are almond shaped with a green color. Their most distinct feature is their body spots which vary in size, shape and location. Their foreheads also happen to be M shaped giving them their uniqueness. Their coats are beautiful with varying colors available. It's a smart cat that is pretty active and extremely loyal to their owners.

Himalayan Cat
this name may not sound familiar but it is a very common breed. It is a sweet and affectionate cat that is time consuming since you have to comb their fur to keep them from looking scraggily. It is not a petite variety but it is more boned. They have a round body and are very broad. There are two main facial types that is the extreme and the traditional. They both have small and rounded ears that are set low on the head. Their eyes are round with full cheeks and a prominent chin. These combined features gives the cat a round and flattened look. These cats are great indoor pets. They are ideal if you are searching for a calmer type of cat that has a streak of playfulness in them. This cat need the affection of their owner and loves to be combed.

Persian Cat
If you looking for a cat that you can pet, groom and fawn over the Persian might be just what you are looking for. The Persian is an extremely popular cat that has a ton of hair. It is absolutely regal and beautiful but there is a defiantly a fair amount of grooming to do. What makes it preferable is the fact that they are adorable, devoted and friendly cats. Another feature that makes this cat attractive is its variety in color and pattern. This cats love to sit and laze away their day with the owner. They are calm, cool temperament and trusting. This cats requires attention of their owner but are not obsessed with affection.

The most popular cat breeds are discussed above and each has its own distinct features. The look of a cat is the easiest way of telling the type of breed it is. Some people will use their colour to tell the different breeds but it is not that simple. Different cat breeds have diverse looks example a Persian cat looks different from a Siamese cat. Siamese cats for example have dark coats and therefore one can identify them easily especially the color of their eyes. The Persian breed can be identified by looking at the body type and hair.

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