Tips On Buying A Cat From A Breeder

January 4, 2019

When buying a cat from a breeder, there are numerous points to consider before making a final decision. The choices ultimately has an impact on everyone involved, including the cat.

Be on the lookout for kitten mills. Most are easy to spot by the poor conditions in which the cats are kept. Be aware that not every kitten mill has poor living conditions. A kitten mill will not be able to provide a license or registration, and would not provide proper medical care for the kittens. Don't really only on appearances.

Be sure to research the breed of cat desired, then learn all there is on the proper care of that particular breed. Not all cats are the same; some breeds have special needs, temperament, and care issues. A good breeder will be an expert on the breeds he or she is raising. Having the knowledge beforehand can help you detect a good breeder from a bad one.

Some of the items to consider when choosing a feline breed are health related, not only for the cat, but for the family as well. Health issues like allergies and other respiratory problems of family members can be an issue with some types of feline breeds. Any knowledgeable breeder can give sound advice on the particular breed, and any hair or dander shedding issues.

Find a breeder that is local, as this will make it more convenient if any advice or help is needed. Make sure the breeder is qualified, and ask to see their license, certification, or registration. Check the local statutes on breeding regulation and licensing. This will ensure receipt of the proper breed registration, and any health related records. These should be made available before you take the cat home. Checking references is always a great idea. Do not be afraid to ask, as any reputable breeder will gladly supply this information. Checking for complaints with your local Better Business Bureau is also a good precautionary measure against fraud.

Reputable breeders will be more than happy to assist beyond the adoption process. People who truly care about what they do and the service they provide, always go beyond the point of sale. If the breeder is willing to take the time to satisfy the customer's needs, as well as the kitten's needs, that is a good sign they actually care about their service.

Find out what the breeder’s return policy is, especially if the cat becomes sick within days of moving to your home. It is also a good idea to know there is somewhere for the cat to go should a life event prevent your from keeping or caring for the cat in the future.

Make sure to ask questions and view records about the kitten's overall health and vaccinations. Ask to see the other cats and where they are kept. Examining the other cats and their living conditions can help determine if the chosen kitten has been at risk for health related issues.

Good breeders may ask questions about a person's living situation, and their ability to properly care for the cat. Some may require proof that pets are permitted if leasing or renting a home. Be prepared to show documentation such as a lease agreement.

Buying a cat from a breeder does not have to be complicated. Making sure that a definite plan is in place, backed by knowledge and research can make the adoption process much easier. Do not buy from a kitten mill, and be sure everything is in order. A professional breeder will have the knowledge and organization to assist in any way possible. Finding a great breeder is well worth the time and effort.

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