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Your Persian Cat And Houseplants

Your Persian cat will absolutely adore your houseplants and the truth is that most are toxic to him. Many will cause him to become ill and some will even be fatal but none of this will prevent him from chewing them and digging in the soil. There are three things that you can do to […]

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Training Persian Cats

When it comes to cats, few people consider training. For the most part, it is the cat that trains the owner in the case of Persian cats, you must provide some level of training for your cat and after it has been established that he is boss of course. Few cats can be trained to […]

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The History of Persian Cats

Believe it or not, Persian cats are thought to be the oldest breed of cats, but at the same time, there are numerous different versions of where the Persian cat began. It is widely believed, however, in all versions that the Persian cat originated in the country that was once known as Persia, which is […]

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The Difference Between Persian And Himalayan Cats

When you consider getting a purebred cat, you might consider Persian cats and Himalayan cats. If so, you haven't done enough research to own either breed, since Himalayans actually are Persians. They are the same breed! Himalayan cats are essentially a cross between a Persian and a Siamese. This gives the cat the long coat […]

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Teaching Persian Cat Good Behavior

Your Persian is beautiful. You could spend hours just looking at him and watching him. The problem is seldom the way he looks. The problem with Persians or any other breed of cat is their behavior. The first thing to realize is that Persians are not dogs. While a dog will do anything in his […]

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Spaying Or Neutering Your Persian Cat

Most pet owners these days immediately have their animals spayed or neutered, in an attempt to control the pet population and this is recommended and commendable. However, in the case of Purebred Persians, you might want to put some serious thought into this. First, depending on the requirements of your breeder, you may be forced […]

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Showing Persian Cats

While many people get Persians for their sweet temperament and quality as a pet, many others get Persians for the purpose of showing them at sanctioned cat shows. Many believe that showing these fantastic animals is half the joy of owning one. If you want to start showing your Persian cat, it is suggested that […]

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Should You Shave Your Persian Cat?

Most people don't consider shaving their cats, but in the case of Persians, many owners do in fact shave their cats. They even have named styles for these shaves, such as the Lion Cut, where the cat's fur is shaved to make him look like a lion. Is there anything wrong with shaving your Persian […]

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Selecting A Veterinarian For Your Persian Cat

Most people, regrettably, do not put much thought or consideration into choosing a veterinarian for their pets. But because you spend a great deal of money on your Persian cat, it is essential that you provide him with the best possible healthcare, which means that you must choose the best possible veterinarian for him. Many […]

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