April 4, 2019

Best Cat Grooming Tools 2018

There are various types of cat grooming tools in the market to meet your cat’s grooming needs. A simple brush or comb can come if different varieties for different purposes, such as de-shedding and de-matting. There are also brushes and combs designed specially for both shorthair and longhair cats. Likewise, there are also a myriad of choices for cat nail clippers, pet wipes and toothbrushes.

Typically, a cat owner should invest in at least 5 cat grooming tools, namely, slicker brush, cat comb, claw clipper, tooth brush and pet wipes. Since one can be spoilt or confused with the many choices available, this article will highlight reviews on some of the best cat grooming products that could be suitable for your cat.

Slicker Brush

A slicker brush consists of very thin metal wires mounted on a rubber mat or soft foam. It is designed to help untangle mats while at the same time remove dead hair. The metal pins also work to stimulate the skin for healthy circulation and also to spread the cat’s natural skin oils. Most slicker brushes come in a square of rectangular mat. However, round or oval ones are also available. It is usually used at the end of a grooming session as it gives the pet’s coat a beautiful luster. Moreover, your cat may also enjoy the gentle scratching sensation. What follows is a description of one highly recommended slicker brush.

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Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush For Cats

This product aims to make grooming sessions enjoyable for your cat while effortless for you. The pins are made from stainless steel that resists rush and corrosion. It catches on to dead and loose hair effectively so that they do not fly all around. Moreover, you do not have to stop in between brushes to clean out the hair.

A characteristic feature, which many people love, is this push button behind the pin mat that retracts the pins so that hair comes off easily into the bin; and you have a new clean brush again. Thus, this product is both easy to use and clean.

Many owners commented that their cats –after coming into contact with this brush - have enjoyed grooming sessions more than ever before.

However, do be careful around your cat’s sensitive areas, such as the eyes, nose and mouth.

Also, experiment on the right pressure to apply to your cat when using the brush. You do not want to press it too deep into its skin and risk hurting it.

Cat Comb

Cat comb is considered a de-shedding tool that helps to remove dead hair from the cat’s undercoat. It also helps with detangling. The space between the teeth of the comb and its length will vary. Generally, longhair cats as compared to shorthair cats would require combs with longer and widely-spaced teeth. What follows is a well recommended cat comb that can be used on both shorthair and longhair cat.

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Andis Pet 7-1/2-Inch Steel Grooming Comb

This comb is designed to help detangle cat’s hair and to remove loose hair and dirt.

The composition of the metal gives it a sturdy feel and a good weight for handling.

It consists of tines that are rounded and well polished, which allows combing glides to be smooth and gentle on the cat. The tines on one half of the comb are more widely spaced than the other half. The length of the tines is also ideal for hair of varying lengths and volumes.

Some owners have claimed that the comb has helped to catch those smaller knots that were previously not discovered. It also allows for the ease of combing in harder-to-comb areas, such as the ears, armpits, hindquarters and tail.

Safari Cat Shedding Comb

The Safari Cat Shedding Comb comes with a wooden handle that gives you a good grip. The tines are made of metal and are of alternating length. The space between tines is not very wide, thus it works well on mats as well as on smaller and tighter knots. The blunt tips help to stimulate the skin and hair follicles. Owners of shorthair and longhair cats have commented that their cats have enjoyed the grooming experience. The owners themselves have also been amazed at the amount of hair it can catch, which greatly reduces the amount of hairballs around the house. This comb can be used as a de-shedder, de-matter and message.

Claw Clipper

Even though most cats do not like having their claws trimmed, it will be helpful to get them into this grooming habit. If the cat’s nails were to become too long, it might cut into its paw pads and cause infections. Long nails would also have the tendency to break easily at a point that could tear along living tissue, thus hurting your cat. Investing in a good cat nail clipper that produces a clean cut would help to save your time and effort. Below are a few good recommendations.

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Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

This clipper features a sharp stainless steel blade that is lasting. The blades also come with a locking system for safe handling and its handle is rubber-coated to provide for easy gripping. The sharp and durable properties of the blades ensure a clean cut.

One interesting feature is this metal plate that is installed behind the clipping mechanism. It acts like a guard against which the cat’s nail can be set. This regulates the amount of the nail being cut and helps prevent you from cutting the nails back too far.

However, this feature might not be applicable on kittens since their nails are much smaller and care would still need to be taken in this case despite the guard plate.

Pet Nail Clippers For Dogs & Cats By GoPets

This clipper is made of high quality 3.5mm thick stainless steel blades that are made to stay sharp for many years. I

t is claimed that this clipper is well recommended by professional groomers and has been tested for thousands of smooth, quick and clean cuts.

Similar to the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer mentioned above, this comes with a safety guard that prevents over-cutting as well as a blade locking system for safe storage.

The handles are non-slip coated to provide for a comfortable grip.

They are also at a good length to give good leverage for effortless cuts.

It is also noteworthy that GoPets donates 10% of all their profits to animal charities, animal rescues and no-kill shelters in their efforts to give back to the animal community.

GoPets also gives 100% Unconditional Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee for their products.

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Toothbrush And Toothpaste For Cats

Periodontal disease is one of the top diseases that is often diagnosed in cats. This disease can easily lead to a host of other health issues. Thus, proper cat dental care is necessary to ensure an overall good health for your cat. To achieve good dental care, you should invest in cat toothbrush and vet approved toothpaste.

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C.E.T. Pet Toothbrush And Toothpaste

The C.E.T Pet Toothbrush is designed for smaller pets, like cats.

It has a head that is small enough to fit into the back of cat’s lower teeth.

The long handle allows for better control and the angle of the head brush place itself nicely on the gum line.

The bristles, though stiff, are soft enough not to hurt the gum.

Owners usually use this toothbrush together with C.E.T toothpaste that comes in vanilla, mint and beef flavors.

It is formulated to be antibacterial and to help inhibit the buildup of plaque. It combats mouth odors and contains no foaming agent, making it safe to swallow.

Most owners prefer the mint and vanilla flavors to other meat flavors. The sweet and refreshing fragrance of the mint and vanilla is also appealing to the cats.

All the products mentioned in this article are essential tools you will require for proper grooming of your cat. While it may not be necessary to get everything listed here, it is highly recommended to have at least a set of these tools for proper groom and care of your pet.

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