April 4, 2019

Best Cat Litter 2018

You can’t make do without it if you are a cat owner. Cat litter is now an essential supply that all cat owners cannot make do without it.

Cat litter comes in many different forms, materials and shapes. There are so many different brands of litter that you may feel confuse on which one to choose for your pet.

If you do not want to go through the whole article, the table below will give you a general overview of the different brands of cat litter available on the market and which one is the best cat litter for your pet.

Otherwise, for a more detailed understanding of cat litter and reviews of various brands of cat litter, scroll down further for more information.

What Is Cat Litter

To first know what is cat litter used for, you must first understand the natural behavior of cats in the wild. Cats in the wild will look for soft or sandy soil to bury their excreta. After excretion, they will use their paws to push the soil to cover their feces. In order to simulate the same environment for cats to excrete, cat litter box and cat litter are developed for this purpose. Cat litter is the filler that is placed in a cat litter box to absorb moisture and odors from cat feces and urine. It is also used by cats to bury their excrement.

In the past before cat litter was invented, ashes, dirt and sand were used instead. That was way back in 1950. Imagine the chore of changing the litter as well as cleaning up after your pet has excreted. Also, ashes, dirt and sand are easily tracked by your pet which makes them unsuitable choices to use as litter filler. Nowadays, cat litter is made from materials that reduce this tracking issue.

How It Works

Due to cat’s natural instinct to bury their feces, it is very easy to get a cat to get use to cat litter. Present day cat litter is made of highly absorbent materials that can absorb both moisture and eliminate odor. This helps to maintain cleanliness and reduce bad odor to the minimum. A key peeve for non cat owners is the smell that can come from cats’ feces and urine. This helps to make the process of keeping a cat so much easier.

Types Of Cat Litter

Clumping cat litter

This type of litter in granulated form will clump together when contact is made with water. It will then form a solid mass separate from others. The clump together solid mass can then be scooped out and easily dispose of without changing all the litter in the litter box. This makes it a very suitable filler to be used in litter boxes. It is made of bentonite clay which is developed by a biochemist Thomas Nelson in 1984.

Non clumping conventional cat litter

Conventional litter in the past was non clumping. It is typically made of sand or clay. Sand was widely used in the past, but nowadays clay is more popular. Clay litter is more absorbent and comes in large clumps or grains of clay to make it less trackable. It is normally made of diatomaite, sepiolite and zeolite. However, the problem with conventional litter is the inability to remove odor on its own. That is why many manufacturers add substances such as antibacterial agents, baking soda and/or odorized crystals to lessen the odors.

Natural and biodegradable cat litter

For cat owners who are concerned about the environment and want green “options”, there are many types of biodegradable litter to choose from. They can be made from recycled or renewable products such as corncobs, cedar chips, orange peels, peanut shell meal, pine, newspaper, sawdust shavings and wheat. If you are a DIY person, you can even make homemade cat litter out of these materials.

Silica gel cat litter

Also known as crystal litter, silica gel is a porous and granular form of quartz. It is very absorbent and can help to reduce odor. In fact, silica get has the highest absorbency rate of any litter. This is an alternative for those who prefer non clay litter. However, there may be a possibility of your cat ingesting a good amount of the litter so it may not be a good choice depending on the character of your pet.

Dust free cat litter

Most cat litter will have some dust in them. For those who prefer your litter to be dust free, there are a few products that are dust free. You have to do your due diligence before making your purchase. You have to take note that your pet may not get used to it initially, so you may want to put up an additional litter box to let your pet get used to it slowly.

Flushable cat litter

If you want to make things easier for yourself, get flushable litter for your pet. After cleaning up, you can right away flush it down the toilet. It is also an environmental friendly option. A lot will depend on the make up of the litter to determine whether a litter is flushable. There is quite a good number of cat litter on the market that are flushable. Choose a good one if you are as concern as some cat owners about having their sewage systems choked.

Unscented cat litter

Cats have a very strong sense of smell. Their sense of smell is fourteen times more powerful than us. Since this is the case, can you imagine the effect strong smelling litter has on their senses. You can bet they will definitely hate it. Most litter products will have some form of additional substances added into them to make them smell better to cat owners. However, you have to understand the litter is for your cat’s usage and not yours. You should get a litter that is suitable for your pet. That is why unscented or odorless litter will be the best option for most cat owners.

Best Cat Litter Products

The following are some of the best cat litter products on the market today. While the list is not exhaustive, I hope the information will be good enough for you to make a more informed choice in the future.

Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

This product is an all natural, hard clumping and hypoallergenic litter.

It has superior odor control as well as a 99.9% dust free rating.

The unique thing about this litter is its formula which allows medium grain clay and heavy non tracking granules to combine together to form an excellent clumping litter.

Moisture absorption is excellent, making the bottom of the litter box moisture free while the clumping effect is so good that clumps will not easily break apart.

The litter comes in a variety of sizes such as 18, 40 or 54 lbs bag to suit the needs of most cat owners.

Read more reviews here.

Precious Cat Cat Attract Problem Cat Training Litter

This product comes from the same manufacturer as the one above, so you know it is a high quality product.

It is also all natural, hard clumping and is 99.5% dust free while having superior odor control.

However, this is a different product that is meant for training your pet to use the litter box.

It can be used in mechanical litter boxes.

Due to it's superior odor control feature, you do not need to use chemicals, deodorants or perfumes to reduce odors.

It comes in 20 or 40 lbs bag.

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Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter

The unique feature about this litter is its “7 Day Odor Free Homes” guarantee.

It also offers low dust and tracking with no crumbly crumps.

The special formula used in this litter allows it to provide exceptional odor control.

It contains micro granules that are moisture activated while other substances such as baking soda and other heavy duty odor eliminators help to keep odor in check.

This litter comes in 14, 19, 28 and 38 lbs bag.

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WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER Multiple Cat Clumping Litter Formula

Its manufacturer claims its range of products to be the world’s best cat litter.

This is made from whole corn kernel which makes it a natural and biodegradable litter.

This is for multiple cats usage and very suitable if you have more than 2 cats.

It comes with a special clumping formula that quickly clumps together once contact with moisture is made, making it very easy for scooping out.

It also has outstanding odor control as well as a 99% dust free rating.

This litter comes in bags of 7, 8, 14, 15 and 28 lbs.

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WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER Litter Formula 28-Pound

This litter is suitable for homes with one to two cats.

It is unscented with excellent odor control.

It also has very good clumping ability that allows clumps to be easily scooped out.

Dust and tracking are also minimized due to its 99% dust free rating.

It is available in a variety of sizes such as 7, 8, 14, 15 and 28 lb bags.

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Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter, Unscented

If you are looking for an unscented litter, this product is quite good at what it does.

It promises to be fragrance free while having the ability to reduce odor to a minimum.

It is made from a special formulation of natural clay and minerals, which is a cat’s favorite.

It has a 99.9% dust free rating, but given it is made from clay, I highly doubt this to be the case.

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Perfect Litter Cat Litter

This product has excellent odor control and good clumping qualities while relatively dust free.

For those who dislike using clay, you may go for this option as it is a natural alternative to clay.

It is also very lightweight, making it easy for you to dispose the dirty clumps.

The thing I like about this product is that the litter will change color when it’s time to change it.

This is an award winning product which says a lot about its effectiveness.

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Precious Cat Kitten Attract Kitten Training Litter

This is a great product for training your kitten to use the litter box.

It is all natural, 99.5% dust free and has a softer texture compared to those for mature cats.

It also has superior odor control which helps to reduce bad odor to manageable levels so that you do not need to use any chemicals, deodorants or perfume to mask the odors.

This is a great product to use for litter box training for kittens.

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Finding the best cat litter for your cat is not an easy task. The important thing to take note is that your pet is the one who is going to use the litter box daily. So it will be a wise idea to select one that it likes rather one that suits your needs.

While it is understandable that everyone wants to make their lives easier, it is important not to take care of your pet’s needs first. Once you have that in mind, it makes the task of choosing the right cat litter so much easier.

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