Best Cat Scratching Posts 2020

February 19, 2020

Cat scratching post is a must if you have a pet cat at home. As you probably know, without a cat scratching post, your furniture and household stuff are at the mercy of your cat. Your cat will mots likely need something to satisfy its craving for scratching and a good scratching post is the best you can do to fulfill its natural instinct. The cat scratching posts listed below are some of the best cat scratching posts and products money can buy.

The first product would be the 3 Piece Cat Scratcher 21” Sisal/Carpet and provides the cat with two surfaces to scratch on.

The cats love jostling and playing with the swinging ball as it provides attention for them.

The poles that are installed help them to facilitate an upward scratching motion to get them to exercise and stay fit at the same time.

Also, I think that the 3 Piece Cat Scratcher has made an impression on owners due to the overall good quality.

I felt that the base of the scratching post is too small to provide a stable surface for medium to large sized cats.

The post is more suited for kittens and small-sized cats.

More information for the 3 Piece Cat Scratcher 21” Sisal/Carpet here.

The second product would be the Go Pet Club 72” Tall Beige Cat Tree Furniture and Scratcher.

I found that the post made the cats want to jump around it and they are able to sleep at the upper platforms when they are tired.

The top of the post has upper platforms where cats would normally sleep in.

However, I found that all the individual posts can come loose easily and the threading around the screws that tightens the structure wears off easily.

The structure is innovative, but it lacks quality in terms of material for long-term benefits for the cats.

Check out additional information on the Go Pet Club 72” Tall Beige Cat Tree Furniture and Scratcher here.

The third product would be the Pet Fusion 3-sided Vertical Scratcher.

Due to its unique build which is different from the other common scratchers, the cats would definitely enjoy it due to the materials that are made up of good quality.

The post included skid resistant materials that are perfect in preventing the movement of the scratcher so that it does not topple.

The vertical design is perfect for cats that love to play and scratch at the same time.

However, the post might be a tad too small for cats and that it does not meet the usual standards of the other Pet Fusion products which is evident in its comparison.

You can find out more details for the Pet Fusion 3-sided Vertical Scratcher here.

The fourth product would be the Omega Paw Arch Groomer with Scratcher.

I feel that the price is within an affordable range and that the cats would enjoy it tremendously.

It is also a lasting product as some owners reported that their cats have utilized the post for three years now.

The scratcher has an inbuilt groomer which the cats can trim their nails and groom themselves as well which they would enjoy very much.

I found out that once the ball which is attached to the groomer gets ripped off, the cats might not be interested in it.

However, applying some catnip might get them interested in the scratcher again.

You can check out more information on the Omega Paw Arch Groomer here.

The fifth and last product would be the SmartCat Multi-Level Climber with Scratcher.

I would say that the scratcher is sturdy enough to support the weight of the cats and that it is reliable enough.

However, the structure is not design friendly enough which means that the cats have a hard time gaining access to the scratcher which might put them off.

The design seems cheap and is not worth for the high price tag.

Check out the SmartCat Multi-Level Climber here.

The products that made good choices were the Pet Fusion 3-sided Vertical Scratcher and Omega Paw Arch Scratcher as the cats like the whole design and structure. According to my research, these products are more intriguing to cats as compared to a normal scratcher as it fulfills their other needs as well and are comfortable to them.

Also the scratchers are very versatile and have more than one function, but multiple functions such as a groomer and toy attached to the structure so that the cat will be entertained for long hours.

Therefore, I feel that these two choices are value for money and that it keeps the cats something to scratch and play with.

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