Best Cat Toys For Indoor Cats 2020

February 19, 2020

Best Cat Toys For Indoor CatsCats are natural hunters, thus, inherent in their instincts is a predisposition to hunt, stalk and kill a prey. However, the natural platform for them to do that is removed once they are taken away from the wild into an indoor environment. While being indoors is much safer for the cats, there is also much less in the indoor world to stimulate them.

Without stimulation, cats fall into either unhealthy prolonged slumber or neurotic behaviors such as aggression or excessive grooming. Neither of these needs to happen if they are provided with a variety of activities to make their indoor life more enriching and interesting. The article will suggest some of the best cat toys for indoor cats you can buy for your beloved pets.

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo, Height -70-Inch to 75-Inch

Cats love to climb, so think vertical and provide them with avenues to look down on the world they live in. Being elevated encourages a sense of security and gives them confidence.

The cat tree furniture condo is made from attractive pressed wood with faux covering, which has a soft texture and is easy cleaning. It has a reasonably wide base for a good foundation. The arrangements of the posts and perches ensure a sturdy structure.

It comes in six different designs and each is made to cater to cats of varying ages, sizes and agility skills. This is made possible with varying levels of platforms and stairways, thus giving your cat the choices to climb, leap, jump or race up from one platform to another.

There are yarn balls that hang off the platforms for your cat to play.

The sisal-wrapped posts provide an excellent alternative to your furniture for your cat to have a good scratch.

Cat owners have commented on how the cat condo is able to satisfy their cats of different personalities.

The individual units (which also involves a hammock) that made up the cat condo can serve as a base for sleeping, perching or playing.

Whether yours is a household with multiple cats or single cat, this cat condo might just prove to be an ideal furniture for your cats.

Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Wand

This wand acts like a teaser toy and allows for play interaction between the owner and the cat. It aims to give your cat an excellent aerobic exercise.

The handle is made of good plastic that does not break easily. It comes with a rubber that secures the dangling fabric firmly to the plastic stick. Your cat will certainly have more to play with since the fabric is much longer than the plastic handle. Being made of colorful fabric allows it to be spotted easily. The material, design and craftwork of the fabric come together in a way that mimics a snake.

Owners have shared about how their cats were fascinated by this toy; wrestling, snaring and pounding on it like they would on a real prey.

It is important to keep this toy away after play and ensure that the cat is not left alone with it without supervision as there had been incidents where cats would eat up the fabric.

Cat Dancer 101 Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy

It is claimed that this toy has been tested by over 8 million cats.

This cat dancer is made of a length of wire with a few pieces of rolled-up cardboards attached to the end.

You will have to hold on to the other end of the wire and bend it over slightly. The weight of the cardboard pieces will send the wire bouncing a little. When your cat bats on them, the wire will naturally rebound and swing.

You can also move the wire around to create more dynamics in the movement. The wire holds the cardboards really well with its tight coil. This also ensures that the wire-end does not injure your cat.

Most owners were surprised at the exceptional effectiveness of this toy for a great play despite its simplicity. Cats were said to go back to this it more often than they would to other similar toys that hang off a rod.

Yeowww! Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana

Make your cat go banana over this catnip toy. As the name suggests, this toy is stuffed with organically-grown catnip.

The fabric is of durable cotton twill, and only soy and /or vegetable based dyes are used for coloring. This ensures that the product is natural and non-toxic.

It comes in different shapes and sizes, but the yellow banana seems to be the most popular.

The curve and the size make it ideal for bunny-kicking and nuzzling.

Some owners have commented on its low durability; and understandably so if your cat plays with it often. Thus, you might want to consider buying a bunch of them to keep.

Store them away in an airtight container could help preserve the freshness of the catnip.

See your cat perform its high level of undivided focus on this toy.

The mouse teaser is attached to a wire and is made to mimic the movement of a real mouse.

Owners have shared about how they were able to engage their cats - even the more passive ones - with this toy for hours. This certainly would help give your cat a real workout.

Observe how your cat’s eyes will light up and become fixated on it. Watch it use all its energy to chase, bat and pound on the legit prey.

If your cat do love this toy, be sure that it will wear the toy out in a matter of a few months.

You might need to purchase one every now and then to provide your cat a new ‘prey’.

Keep the toy in a place that is out of reach for your cat and make sure that playtime is under close supervision. Ensure also that that is no sharp object sticking out on any part of the toy.

You would also want to safeguard your cat from swallowing parts of the mouse teaser.

ABO Gear Fun Tunnel for Cats

This cat tunnel is made of thick and luxurious faux fur, thus it does not collapse or tear easily. It is lined with a material that rustles and crinkles as your cat walks through it.

There are also removable balls that dangle off at the openings of the tunnel to provide enjoyment for your cat.

The peep holes along the tunnel give your cat extra amusement and allow for more cat interactions if you have more than one cat.

The size of the tunnel makes it ideal for cats of varying sizes. Your cat is able to use the tunnel as a hide-out place as well as for play or sleep. The tunnel is foldable for convenient storage and portability.

You might however, just choose to leave it out since the leopard-print design does make it a rather stylish piece of furniture for your home.

It is noteworthy that while these toys have been highly recommended by cat owners and/or veterinarians, not all cats will receive them with the same level of interest and enthusiasm.

Playing with your indoor cat is a necessary part of your commitment in loving and caring for your cat.

Extra care will need to be given when using some of the toys mentioned, especially those that hangs on the rod and those that have metal parts.

There have been cases where cats would swallow parts of the toys or were injured by them.

Thus, check on the toy every now and then during play to make sure that it is still in a reasonably good condition.

Observe your cat to ensure that it does not ‘consume its prey’.

Depending on how often your cat is playing with the toys, some of them might not last as long as expected and would need to be replaced.

Do remember to put away the toys after play and give your cat a nice meal or treat thereafter.

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