Best Clumping Cat Litter 2020

February 19, 2020

Clumping cat litter makes cleaning and disposable of feline waste so much easier that you can’t make do without it. You want your home smelling fresh, then clumping cat litter is the way to go. There are many brands of clumping cat litter on the market, we hope we can help you make the right decision in selecting the best clumping cat litter for your kitty.

Best Clumping Cat Litter
We spent hours listing down the most popular clumping cat litter on the market, went through tons of reviews and testimonials to get you the best clumping cat litter that you can get for your cat.

Dr. Elsey's Premium Clumping Cat Litter
There are reasons why this cat litter from Dr Elsey’s is one of the top selling cat litter on Amazon. This cat litter is a 99.9% dust free, hypoallergenic natural litter designed to keep surfaces clean and prevent allergies.

The litter comes in medium sized grains, is hard clumping, non tracking, making it the perfect clumping litter to prevent moisture buildup. Due to its ability to form hard clumps that don’t break down, it is very easy to scoop and clean the litter box. This cat litter is perfect for automatic, sifting or mechanical litter boxes, making sure disposal of your pet’s waste is not a grind.

Superior odor control meant for a single or multi cat household means your house is going to smell clean and fresh every single day. Cat owners whom stayed in small apartments commented that this cat litter really removes odor easily and fast.


ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter
This cat litter from Arm & Hammer is formulated with 10% more odor eliminators than their clump and seal fresh scent series making it ideal for small homes.

Besides that, the cat litter is 100% dust free, form rock hard clumps upon contact with moisture, making it a complete odor removing litter. It is perfect for both single and multi cat households.

It has a 7 day odor free guarantee to ensure your home is smelling clean and fresh, though the smell may not be to everyone’s liking.


Fresh Step Ultra Unscented Litter, Clumping Cat Litter
Looking for an unscented litter, the Fresh Step Ultra Unscented Litter, Clumping Cat Litter may just be the one for you.

It is formulated with bacteria protection and activated charcoal to prevent the growth of bacteria odor. It has a 10 day odor control guarantee. It is perfect for extreme odor control, formulated with your pet’s health in mind.

This cat litter is made for both single and multi cat households. It is a low dust litter which offers you cleaner surfaces, as well as clearer air. It is formulated to be ultra tight clumping, which helps to prevent stinky crumbles from being left behind.


Fresh Step Odor Shield Scented Litter with The Power of Febreze
This clumping cat litter is formulated with the power of Febreze to fight all types of litter box odor. It has a 10 day odor control guarantee to help you fight the smelliest of litter boxes.

It is specially formulated to be low dust in order to allow cleaner surfaces and clearer air. Contains a paw activated fragrance that is released every single time your cat use the litter box.

Litter box cleaning is also easier and cleaner due to the clumping formula that absorbs liquid and forms tight clumps, leaving behind no stinky clumps with ClumpLock technology.


Arm & Hammer Platinum Slide Easy Clean-Up Clumping Cat Litter
This cat litter comes with Arm & Hammer patented EZ clean technology that allows the litter to slide out of a litter pan with no need for scraping or scrubbing. This makes clearing and cleaning of litter pans so much easier and cleaner.

It is specially formulated with powerful odor eliminators and the power of Arm & Hammer baking soda to destroy odors. It also has 10% more odor eliminators than the slide non-stop odor control cat litter. With a 7 day odor free home guarantee, you cannot go wrong with this clumping cat litter.


Rest of the best

These are some of the most commonly asked questions that cat owners have of clumping cat litter. If you have a question that is not listed here, please let us know in the comments at the end of the article.

Q: Can clumping cat litter make cats sick?
A: Most brands of clumping litter contain silica dust, which is a major cause of upper respiratory disease in cats, and in some cases humans as well. Another concern is the type of chemical fragrances used, which may also be toxic to cats.

Sodium bentonite, which is the main ingredient used in clumping cat litter is known to swell up to 15 times its original size when absorbing moisture. This makes it the ideal ingredient for cat litter. However, if your pet accidentally ingest even a tiny piece, it may pose a potentially fatal health issue if left unchecked.

However, all these concerns do not mean that all clumping cat litter is bad. Some clumping cat litter is made from natural materials, and these will pose less issues for cats.

Q: Can I flush clumping litter down the toilet?
A: No. Please do not flush any type of cat litter, and especially clumping cat litter down the toilet. You may accidentally cause your plumbing system to be clogged. While certain clumping cat litter is marketed as safe for flushing, it is still advisable not to do so.

Q: Can you mix clumping and non-clumping cat litter?
A: Yes. If you are running short of cat litter, you may mix them up. However, do note that your cat may reject the mixed litter.

Q: How do you dispose of clumping cat litter?
A: Use either 2 bags or double -lined bags to hold the dirty cat litter, before you dispose the cat litter like normally trash.

Q: Is clumping cat litter better?
A: Yes and no. It depends on what you want your cat litter to do. If removing waste odor is your priority, you may want to look at non-clumping cat litter instead, as they are better at absorbing large amounts of moisture. Clumping cat litter are also more expensive than other cat litter, and if cost is a concern, you may want to look at other alternatives.

Q: Is clumping litter bad for cats?
A: Clumping litter is not necessarily bad for cats, though there are certain cat health issues cause indirectly by clumping cat litter. These issues have been highlighted above in the first question. You should seriously consider using clumping cat litter made from natural ingredients if you are concerned about the issues posed by clumping cat litter.

Q: What ingredient make cat litter clump?
A: The secret ingredient that makes cat litter clump is called sodium bentonite. It is a type of clay that can absorb moisture up to 15 times its volume.

A typical cat will go through around 3,000 pounds of litter during its lifetime of 15 years. If you want to make life easier for yourself, as well as your cat, you should seriously look into getting the right clumping cat litter. While our recommendations may not be to your liking, we hope that you can use them as a base for further research.

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