April 4, 2019

Best Dry Cat Food 2018

Are you new to being the parent of a feline? Perhaps you’re new to feeding your cat dry food? Or perhaps you’re unsure if the cat food you’re feeding your cat is the one of the best ones on the market? Don’t fret! This article covers the best dry cat food on the market, and it’s sure to help answer any questions you may have.

This list is organized alphabetically according to the brand, as brands often have various flavors/formulas of dry cat food.

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo has a wide variety of dry cat food available, with some targeting weight control issues and others targeting hairball control issues. Flavors include chicken, salmon, and duck. Ingredients will vary depending on the type of food chosen, but all Blue Buffalo dry cat food products are protein-rich and grain-free, and they contain a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Felines on a Blue Buffalo diet see a marked increase in the softness, glossiness, and overall health of their coats. Vast improvement in moods, weight management, and hairball control can also be seen. Blue Buffalo cat foods have proven to be a strong factor in the treatment of felines with digestion and kidney problems as well as diabetes (but do keep in mind that all felines will differ in their bodily responses to the same brand/type of cat food).

Check out more Blue Buffalo cat food products here.


Orijen dry cat foods come in three different formulas: Cat & Kitten, Six Fish Cat, and Regional Red. All formulas are grain free, and they utilize fresh meats that are passed as fit for human consumption as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Amino acids, vitamin supplements, and minerals are also part of Orijen’s formula. The Cat & Kitten formula contains fish, chicken, and turkey meats; the Six Fish Cat formula only contains fish; and the Regional Red formula contains ranch-raised Black Angus beef, wild boar, Alberta lamb, heritage pork, and bison.

Most felines on Orijen have had their health problems eliminated in addition to witnessing an improvement in weight stability, coat health, and activity levels. Diabetic felines are also able to be an Orijen diet (do consult with veterinarians before placing a diabetic cat on any diet).

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Purina ONE

Purina ONE’s dry cat food comes in a variety of flavors and formulas – flavors include chicken and turkey and salmon and tuna, whereas formulas include hairball control, indoor advantage, sensitive systems, urinary tract health, and a healthy kitten formula. All formulas are made with real meat ingredients (e.g. Salmon, turkey, chicken) and boast a high level of protein per cup of dry cat food. Purina ONE’s formulas do not use any fillers.

Formulas that target a specific problem (e.g. The urinary tract health formula) work successfully on most felines in solving the issue. Felines on Purina ONE have managed to maintain a good weight and a healthy coat, and many cat owners choose to feed their felines over other leading brands.

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Taste of the Wild

Dry cat food by Taste of the Wild comes in two flavors: Roasted Venison and Smoked Salmon, and Trout and Smoked Salmon. Taste of the Wild boasts cat food that is grain free, which is an important aspect, as carbohydrates do not make up the bulk of a feline’s natural diet. The cat food is also supplemented with fruits and vegetables, and it contains a variety of natural antioxidants needed to ensure a healthy immune system. This cat food is applicable for cats in all stages of life.

A great number of felines with dull coats develop smooth and glossy coats after consumption, and weights are generally kept at a healthy and stable level. Additionally, felines that excrete stool with a strong odor eventually excrete stool that is essentially odorless, and felines that excrete fecal matter too frequently see a decline in frequency.

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Wellness has two main lines of dry cat food: Complete Health and Core. The Complete Health line of cat food has a variety of recipes (formulas) that cater to felines of different ages (i.e. Kittens, adult cats, and senior cats) and felines with different tastes. Wellness’ Complete Health line is made up of ingredients including meats, grains, and fruits, along with omega fatty acids in order to promote a balanced diet. Wellness’ Core line is 100% grain free and gluten free, enhanced with antioxidants, minerals, and probiotics. Core formulas are also available in poultry and fish-free options.

Felines on Wellness formulas have a lot more energy, healthy and shiny coats, clear eyes, and are at healthy weights. In addition, most owners have reported an improvement in the digestive health of their felines, proven through more solid stools and less pungent odors.

Check out more Wellness cat food products here.


As evident, there is a wide range of dry cat foods available on the market. As each feline is unique, each feline would have different reactions to different brands and formulas of cat food. The list above only covers a small portion of all the available cat foods, and it should only be used as a guideline when it comes to determining what type of dry food to feed to one’s feline. Consult with a veterinarian if any questions arise, and always keep in mind that some cats will prefer certain formulas over others. Hope you find these dry cat food reviews useful to you!

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