Feed And Go Smart Pet Feeder Review

February 19, 2020

Looking for an automatic cat feeder that allows you to schedule or control the feedings online via a computer, mobile phone or any portable device? One that allows you feed your cat both dry and wet food and at the same time allows you to watch your pet has its meals. Look no further as the Feed And Go Smart Pet Feeder can do these things above and more.

Besides having a high quality webcam, it also has a built in microphone which allows you to record a message to play for your pet before every meal. To control the feeder remotely, you have to connect the Feed And Go Smart Pet Feeder to your Wi-Fi router. Don’t worry, it is very easy and simple to do so. In fact, the feeder connects wirelessly by itself. To control this automatic cat feeder, you have to log in to your account on Feed And Go’s website to manage and control your new feeder.

With this feeder, you can feed your pet both dry or wet cat food. This feeder is able to hold up to 6 meals at any given time. Each tray has a capacity of 8 Oz, which is more than enough for a single cat. The feeder has a very strong motor for rotating trays which are fully loaded with wet cat food. To top it off, the Feed And Go Smart Pet Feeder is practically cat-proof as it has a special locking mechanism which helps to prevent your cat from getting the food or move the trays.

Feed And Go Smart Pet Feeder

Product Details
• Dimensions - 20 x 16 x 3 inches
• Weight – 6.5 pounds
• Shipping weight – 7.3 pounds
• 12 month warranty

• Able to schedules and dispenses up to 6 meals at anytime, day or time period.
• Comes with 6 x 8 Oz capacity trays which can accommodate both dry and wet cat food.
• Feeding trays are removable for easy washing and are dishwasher safe.
• The trays are made from special plastic materials which do not cause chin allergy to cats.
• A special locking mechanism which makes the feeder practically cat-proof.
• Has 4 rubber bottoms to keep your pet from moving the feeder around.
• High quality built-in webcam, which allows you to watch your pet eating even when you are not at home.
• Built-in microphone which allows you to record short messages for playback to your pet before meals.
• Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you to place the feeder anywhere in your house within range.
• Able to remotely control the feeder over the internet.
• Can control multiple Feed And Go Smart Pet Feeders with the same account.

• You can setup and control it remotely from anywhere.
• Feeding times are totally customizable up to 6 meals at any time.
• Your pet’s feeding times can be easily set or change via the internet.
• Suitable for both dry and wet cat food.
• Comes with a strong motor which can easily move a fully loaded wet cat food tray.
• Online account’s interface is user friendly and fast and responsive.
• The joy of watching your pet eats via the webcam from anywhere.
• Able to record messages for playback.
• A special locking mechanism which makes the feeder cat-proof.
• If you need to move the feeder and unplugged it, the programming will be restored within 2 minutes after plugging back in.
• The trays are airtight when closed which allow wet cat food to stay fresh up till 3 days without the need of an ice pack in 83 degrees heat.
• The trays are made from special plastic materials which does not cause allergies to cats when they feed.
• The feeder’s design and shape make it hard for your cat to knock it over.
• It is very silent during operation.

• Access to the internet is required in order to control, set up and make changes to your feeder.
• Slight difficulty in connecting the feeder to your router if it does not have a WPS button.
• No battery backup in case of power outage.
• Not for those who are not internet savvy.
• Lack a mobile app, rather control is via the website.
• Does not comes with ice packs.
• Extra trays need to be purchased separately.
• The price may not be suitable for those on a budget.

The Feed And Go smart Pet Feeder is a high quality product with some nifty features such as built-in webcam and microphone. This automatic cat feeder is most ideal for busy professionals who are not able to feed their pets on time. For those who like to feed their cats a mixture of dry and wet cat food, this feeder is also a good solution.

However, price is a concern for those who are more budget conscious. Also, for those not familiar with using the internet, this may not be a good choice for you.

At the end of the day, if you are IT savvy, not concern about the price and have unpredictable working hours, this automatic cat feeder is definitely one of the better feeding solutions that money can get you.

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