April 4, 2019

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post Review

Want to stop your cat from destroying the furniture?

The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post might be the answer to your woes.

It has a simple design and is a very thick scratcher with a strong base. The post is very durable that it allows the cat to get a good stretch to extend its body fully while scratching the post.

It is 32 inches high which gives the cat the added advantage to scratch. Its sturdy 16 by 16 inch base eliminates the usual wobbling and it is able to handle cats of all weight and sizes.

It is better than other scratching posts as it is tall enough for the cat to extend its body fully and it is made of a higher quality that the other products do not have.

The price for the scratching post is affordable and the material is authentic enough for the cat to be interested in it. The material is also long-lasting as it does not wear off quickly and the fibers does not keeping coming off after the cat has scratch it.

Also owners that bought the post reported a change of behavior in cats that they prefer to scratch the post, other than anything previously that they had tried to damage. Since the post is made up of good quality material, the cat would only mark their territory at the post and that it satisfies all the needs of the cat.

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Owners were also delighted that it is easy to assemble for their cat and that it can last for many years without much drastic wear and tear. For some active cats, they can even scale the scratching post if they want, therefore the post provides a bit of the entertainment factor. The post is a warm brown in color which would suit the home decor very well.

The sole purpose of a cat scratch post would be that by enabling the cat to stretch its body out fully, it helps them to tone their muscles, to trim their nails and helps in relieving daily stress. Owners can also get a cushion perch and attached it to the top so that the cat can even take a nap at the top. Most of the owners are happy that their cats prefer the post and they have seen a remarkable improvement in their scratching habits.

Also, it seems that the post is able to provide cats with the optimal physical and mental simulation as they try to climb to the top and to scratch the post. It also certainly lives up to the name of “ultimate” due to its design which has won the hearts of many cats and their owners. With the post, owners are able to save money in terms of not having to deal with worn out furniture.

However, the post can be a bit bulky and it does not have another additional purpose, other than it being a scratching post. There have been owners complaining that their cats ignore the post at first but grew accustomed after several weeks. According to some reviewers, some of their cats did not like the post due to it being a different material or that it was just not interesting enough for them.

Judging from the many users’ videos online, the SmartCat Ultimate Post gives very little room to complain as its price is reasonable, given the high quality material and build of the post. Generally, cat posts very either very thin material that gets worn out too fast or that it is flimsy in terms of build. It might be indeed the best option and worth the money among the entire cat posts out there in the market.

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