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February 19, 2020

Cat DoorThe cat door is a small door in a normal door, wall or window that allows a cat to enter or exit a building on its own without needing any person to open the door for the cat. Cat doors allow cats a large degree of freedom and independence to move indoor and outdoor at all times. In the event of adverse weather, your pet can escape indoor to ride out the rough weather conditions.

The original cat door is just a hole. Most modern cat doors are conventional designs in which the doors are flexible flaps, hinged or spring loaded panels. However, in recent years, automatic or electronic cat doors are gaining popularity.

How Does A Cat Door Work?
Conventional cat doors allow pets to open the doors themselves just by pushing through the flexible flap or hinged or spring loaded panel. Most cat doors are designed to have catches to restrict the opening of the door to one direction. This is particularly useful for cat owners who want to prevent their cats from going out at night.

For automatic or electronic cat doors, access is only granted by means of wearing a key or tag which can be detected by sensors, which is then used to activate and open the door automatically.  Newer designs may incorporate a time control feature to restrict your cat outdoor hours.

To prevent the cat doors from being open by strong winds or during bad weather conditions, there may be magnets or spring to ensure the doors remain closed at all times. Most cat doors also have a locking system of some sorts to allow cat owners to seal off the door temporarily.

For interior cat doors, they are for internal uses only as they are not built to withstand adverse weather conditions. Typically for use to allow a cat to access various rooms in a house.

Types Of Cat Door
Basically, cat doors can be classified into 3 main categories; namely conventional cat doors, automatic or electronic cat doors and interior cat doors.

Automatic/Electronic Cat Door
Simple automatic or electronic cat doors makes use of magnets to detect and activate a matching electromagnetic mechanism to open doors. More advance and newer models may use infrared red or radio frequency identification systems with keys to allow access. Automatic or electronic cat doors are generally more expensive than conventional cat doors.

Conventional Cat Door
Conventional cat doors simple cat doors with flexible flaps, hinged or spring loaded panels to act as the entrance and exit. Designs with flexible flaps usually have weights attached to the flaps to help keep the flaps closed during bad weather conditions. As for hinged or spring loaded designs, some are side mounted instead of the usual top mounted designs.

Interior Cat Door
Interior cat doors as the name implies, are meant for interior use only. These cat doors will allow cats to access all rooms in a house, without having to keep the doors open at all times. The designs are also simpler without the need to have any flaps, hinged or spring loaded panels to block the openings.

Best Cat Door
There is a wide range of cat doors on the market. Getting the correct one for your kitty can be a very tough job. Here, we have a list of the most popular cat doors on the market. This will give you a good head-start in getting the right and the best cat door for your pet.

What You Need To Take Note Of
A cat door is a very useful piece of cat equipment to have if you allow your cat to move outdoors. That is why when buying a cat door, there are things you need to take note and be more careful of to ensure you get the right door for your cat.

Don’t overshoot on your budget. A basic door, no frills door can work as well as a more expensive, features heavy, high tech model. Also, some features may not be useful at all. There is a wide range of cat doors to suit the budget of everyone.

A good quality cat door should last you at least a few years. Make sure the cat door is made of durable and high quality materials. Besides that, the cat door must be made from materials that can withstand high and low temperatures as well as easy to maintain and keep clean.

What sort of features are you looking for? Are you looking for a conventional cat door or an automatic/electronic one with time control? Also, certain feature may not necessarily be useful. Knowing beforehand what features you want in a cat door can help you quickly identify which cat doors you should be looking at, saving you much time in the process.

Some cat doors can be a pain to install yourself. Unless you are willing to pay for installation as well, get one that you feel you can install it easily yourself.

It is best to ensure the cat door you are getting is safe for your pet. Is the design safe? Is it made of materials that are not harmful or toxic to your cat. You have to make sure the one you are choosing for your kitty meet these requirements.

Getting the correct size for your cat is very important. If you have multiple pets at home, get a size that can fit your biggest pet.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions on cat doors. If you have any questions regarding cat doors that are not found here, please let us know in the comment section below.

Q: Do cats use pet doors?
A: Maybe not initially, but your cat will start using it in no time. You can get your cat to start using the cat door by using a simple trick below.

Q: How do I get my cat to use the cat door?
A: Get some treats your cat likes or wait till your kitty is hungry and toss some treats or food through the open cat door. If your cat is really greedy or hungry enough, it will go through the cat door without much hassles. After a couple of times, your cat will naturally start using the cat door more frequently. Otherwise, repeat again till your kitty get used to using the door.

Q: How do you install a cat door in a door?
A: When you purchase a cat door, it will usually come with specific instructions from the manufacturer or seller on how to install that particular cat door. If the instructions don’t come with the package, contact the manufacturer or seller for more information. Most of the time, you can find the installation instructions on their websites, if there is any.

Q: How much do cat doors cost?
A: A cat door can cost from a few dollars for a simple plastic model which you install yourself to as much as $1000+ for an automatic/electronic cat door with installation.

Q: What is the best cat door?
A: It really depends on a number of factors such as your budget, what features you want, etc. But we do have some recommendations which you can use as a base to further your research for the best cat door.

A cat door is a pretty good and useful investment if you allow your pet to go outdoors. Your cat will then be able to move in and out of your house for some physical activities and much needed exercise to ensure optimal mental and physical health. Your cat will definitely enjoy it with more freedom and independence after the installation of a cat door.

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