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February 19, 2020

Cat FurnitureModern cat furniture are not only beautifully designed, they are also functional as well. There is a wide range of cat furniture to suit the needs of all cats and their owners. If you are looking for ideas and information on cat furniture, this article can definitely help you.

Types Of Cat Furniture
There are many different types of cat furniture ranging from beds, houses, scratching posts and trees, etc. Some cat furniture are hybrids, which means they are designed to help replicate the functions of a few different types of cat furniture at the same time. To help cat owners better understand the types of cat furniture available on the market, we have classified cat furniture into the following categories.

Cat Bed
A place for your pet to sleep on, cat beds are usually made of very comfortable materials that allow your cat to feel cozy, comfortable and relax at all times. Some designs are so stylish, that they can even blend in with most modern interior designs.

Cat Condo
Cat condos are designed to give cats a place to play, rest and sleep. They are usually a combination of the roles of many different types of cat furniture into one, for example a bed, gym, hiding place, perch, playground, scratching post, etc. The difference between a cat condo and a cat tree is having a “box” or “cubicle” for cats to sleep in. Larger designs will have multiple boxes for use in multiple cat households.

Cat House
Cat houses, can make skittish cats feel secure. A cat house is meant as a place for your pet to seek refuge for relaxation and rest. Cat houses are usually covered from all sides, except for an opening or side for entry. Some designs are portable, which allows you to move them from place to place within your house or even outdoors.

Cat Litter Box
If you are not aware, there is cat furniture that serves the role of a litter box. These litter boxes are designed to cover the existence of litter boxes, as well as blend in with the interior of your house. While some designs are more decorative than useful, recent designs are getting better at playing the role of conventional litter boxes.

Cat Perch/Cat Shelving
Cats like nothing better than lazing around, especially on higher grounds to observe their surroundings and watch the world passes by. Cat perches and cat shelving are perfect for that. Cat perches are single platforms that can affix on any wall in your house. Some are window perches which you can affix to your windows.

Shelving are more like continuous platforms which can run through a whole house. Providing a perch for your pet can greatly increase your pet’s relaxation and enjoyment levels. Shelving are great exercise options and will make it easier for your indoor pet to get much needed exercise.

Cat Scratching Post
Cats scratch a lot in order to remove dead skin, and if you do not provide a scratching post or scratching pad for your cat, chances are your home furniture will be damaged by your cat in no time. A scratching post will allow your cat to ease its scratching urges, flex and stretch as well as to mark its territory. Some designs come with parts that can be easily assembled or disassemble for easy storage.

Cat Teepee
Cat teepees are similar in concept to cat houses, which is to provide cats with a proper place to relax, rest or sleep. The difference is that teepees are shaped like a tent, with the openings usually at the front. Some designs may have dual entrances or exits, as well.

Cat Tree
Cat trees are similar in looks to cat condos. However, they do not have “boxes” or “cubicles” for cats to sleep in. Most designs come with at least a platform for the cat to rest after climbing to the top, while more sophisticated designs have multiple platforms at different heights for cats to laze around or rest.

Pointers When Buying Cat Furniture
The following pointers will help you make a better buying decision when it comes to choosing the right cat furniture for your pet. Most, if not all of these pointers will be applicable to all cat parents.

What is your purpose?
Different cat furniture has a different application. Some are meant for multiple purposes, while some may be for multiple cats to use at once.

How much is your budget?
Loving your kitty does not mean you should go all out to buy one beyond your budget. It is best to find a cat furniture that fits your purpose as well as your budget.

Is the cat furniture dangerous?
Some cat furniture has hidden dangers that you may not be aware of, such as sharp corners or loose parts that your pet may ingest. This is something you have to be very careful about.

Durability And Materials Of The Cat Furniture
You have to ensure the furniture is made from materials that are durable and long lasting, otherwise you may need to get another one for your pet within a short period of time. Also, the furniture must be made from materials that are not harmful or toxic to your pet over time. If you are unsure, you can check with the manufacturers directly for more information.

Best Cat Furniture
Are you looking for ideas for cat furniture or a particular cat furniture or for your cat? If you are, you are in luck. The following list contains some of the most popular and best selling cat furniture that you can get for your beloved cat. You simply have to check them out.

Best Cat Bed
The MEOWFIA Premium Cat Bed Cave (Large) is a handmade cat bed made with 100% merino wool. This makes it easy to clean as merino wool is not only soft and flexible, it can naturally repel dirt, odor and stains as well.

Besides that, it is completely made with materials that are both eco-friendly and safe, no harsh chemicals or synthetic materials are used at all.

This large sized cat bed is very spacious and suitable for cats of all sizes. It has a modern feel to its design, besides being a cozy, durable and warm cat bed for your lovely cat all all times. This bed is simply perfect for your cat to nap, play, relax, rest, or sleep in it.

Best Cat Condo
The FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Condo is perfect for households with multiple cats. It has 2 roomy condos for napping, 3 plushy perches with raised edges, as well as a sisal covered slope to allow cats to play, relax or simply laze around.

This cat condo is made from CARB certified natural particle boards which is then strengthened with battens at the bottom base to increase overall stability. Additional anti-toppling fittings are also included to ensure double stability.

Besides the slope being covered with natural sisal rope, the reinforced scratching posts are also wrapped with natural sisal rope to allow your cat to scratch and exercise to its liking. The largess of this cat condo makes playtime for your cat very enjoyable and fun.

Best Cat Scratching Post
The Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post is around 32 inches tall, which will allow most cats to stretch vertically fully.

This cat scratching post is made from durable materials such as fibrous, durable sisal that will attract your cat to scratch and stretch to its full pleasure. The base is extremely sturdy, totally eliminating any tipping or wobbling to the minimum.

This scratching post will help to prevent your home furniture from getting ruined, as well as provide your kitty with hours of exercise, fun and play. This ensures your cat will be in optimal mental and physical health at all times.

Best Cat Teepee
The little dove Pet Teepee Cat Bed is 24 inches tall, 20 inches wide at the opening and ideal for cats up to 15 lbs in size. There is also an option to add a cushion, as well as a bigger sized version of this teepee.

This cat teepee is made 100% from durable cotton canvas which is machine washable. The poles are made of pine wood which ensures it can lasted. The base of the teepee is rubber coated which ensures your floor will always be protected. It comes with instructions on how to assemble the teepee. You can simply disassemble and store it away when not in use.

The design of this cat teepee is a native American style which makes it very unique, adding a unique touch to any home decor. You can be sure your cat and your family will love it.

Best Cat Tree
The FEANDREA 68.5 inches Sturdy Cat Tree should be called a cat condo, as it has a condo. Besides having a condo, this cat tree also has a basket and a hammock, besides the usual stuff you get in a cat tree. It also has a pet bowl on one of the upper platforms which will allow your cat to enjoy some snacks.

This cat tree is made by CARB certified natural particle boards, with the bottom base strengthened with battens to increase stability and prevent it from being toppled down. Additional anti-toppling fittings are also included for double security.

The scratching posts of this cat tree are covered with natural sisal rope to allow your cat to scratch and exercise at the same time. This cat condo also allows your cat to climb and jump around without much restrictions.

Investing in the right cat furniture for your pet will not only increased the overall physical and mental health of your cat, but will also increase the bond between you and kitty. If you have multiple cats, a good cat furniture such as a cat condo will allow your cats to play, relax and socialize together, something like a community zone. This will make it easier for you to introduce new cats to the household later.

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